Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where is the warm weather???

...certainly not here yet!  Oh well, get over it I am saying to myself, however that is not really working...just sooo looking forward to summer!

So, since my last post - which has been some time - life has been busy.  Some of you may know I work as a coordinator for a program called Encore (YWCA) - this is a free mild mobility and exercise program for women who have had breast cancer.  We rely on donations and fundraising, so in July we had a wonderful day at our local Bunnings doing a BBQ.  We were flat out all day and managed to make a nice amount of profit! So thanks to all who helped and certainly those that ate our food!
Three little munchkins enjoying their sausages!
Some of you may also know that I go to a Craft on a Thursday.  One of the crafty friends made my birthday cake last year.  Earlier this year she sent the pics of the cake off to the Cake magazine in the UK and she got her/mine cake published! Well done Beth....and of course I still have the decorations from on top! (Don't be surprised Claire)
We have also been very busy getting our miniature festival items ready for the show - S.A.M.E.  One of the items SW and I put in was a copy of my Studio workshop and Garden.  This is 1/12th scale and most items except for the ironing board and two swivel chairs were all made by us!  It was a great project to work on and got us thinking a little outside the square of what to use to represent the real thing,
A close up of the "Gammil"!  LOL (needs a couple more bits and pieces on it to finish it off but we ran out of time.  The panto pattern on there is 'Florence' from Lorien quilting - a copy of the real one I also have on the setup.
Another item I displayed - St George and the Dragon - this was for the medieval section.  Sadly the Dragon killed St George this time round!  Once again, except for the Dragon and the bones, I made all the other parts of the scenery.  The sad knight in the front was made by one of our members Bev.
And our third item - not a real good pic - might have to change later! - is the Christmas Bon Bons.  These are 1/48th scale and to give you an idea of size - the 'box' they fit in is a Pringles or similar size container.  There is a bit of quirkiness here if you enlarge the pic and have a look closely!

During July, I managed to catch the dreaded 'lurgy' that is going around :( So I confined myself to home for 12 days....very hard to do!  Anyway, didn't have much energy or thinking power, so hunted through my cupboards and found some kits I had bought a while ago.  What better time to get them out and do them??  The following four houses are 1/144th scale (they sit on the palm of my hand)  I was very pleased with the finished items..don't know that I need to do anymore though!
Last Friday was Snobs and Slobs get together.  I have not been there for a while for sickness and other reasons so thought it time I turned up!  Angela has done this lovely warm looking stitchery quilt.
Glenice showing off her grand daughters hat that has stretched a bit - looks like Claire rather than Glenice!
Saturday, a couple of us got together for the Farmers Wife meeting - ROFLMAO here - Farmers Wife!!!! Anyway, moving right along, Kay has done this lovely stitchery quilt.
And this Cathedral Window looking quilt.
And this round the world quilt.
Claire sorted her Suffolk Puffs out in order.
And me? Well I didn't do much, just took some photos! LOL

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Shay said...

Your cake is famous!

I think the warm weather is hiding in Hawaii . Im off to find it shortly. I’ll see if I can bring it back with me.

Love those little miniatures you made. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have the patience to do that .

Missed you guys on the weekend but I have a clean house and crossed a ton of things off my to do list so it was time well spent!