Monday, September 29, 2008

Last minutes...

thought I should add a little to the last post I made. I forgot to mention that the gentleman on the last post is my cousin in laws father - Bill :)
I would also like to say a big thank you to all our friends and family that we stayed with and visited with during our journey here in the UK. It has been great to see everyone, to have eaten some wonderful food and spent time in some lovely places. So will be blogging in Australia next time. See you all then

Well, here we are at the end of the trip.....

yes the time has come to pack the bags and head for home :( Very sadly we have to leave our wonderful family in England and head back to our family in Australia. So last night we had a few friends and family over to say Adios - a good night was had by all and apparently there was a few sore heads the next morning. So for now it is farewell to England....till the next time!!

By the way, there is a new blogger on line now - cousin in law Geordieglor so please go on over and say hello:)

Friday, September 19, 2008

And now for a little surprise....

Earlier this week we had a few people over for a coffee and chat. Two of those people are my cousins Ted and Pat. This is the first time we have EVER been together!!! It was a lovely afternoon and a good chance to have a nice chat.
Today we have all arrived back from a two night visit to see Whitney and My Little Pony (as named by his dad) (aka Nathan)! To say that Whitney was surprised is an understatement!!! Will fill you in later QuiltyGal :)))
While we were in Wales, we took a drive around and went to Aberaeron - tis a lovely little village by the west coast. All the houses are painted different colours and blend so well together it is uncanny - I guess that the owners of the homes work pretty well together to get it right. Bit like a large group quilt really!

We stayed in a lovely B&B once again - great breakfasts, lovely rooms and the view was fabulous!So we are back home for a day of veg out again time before we go for some days out here and there. And before we know it, the time for heading home will be upon us.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back at the abode....

and time for a rest for a few days before we head off for a while again. SW, cousins and myself took a coach trip to the Yorkshire Dales "Last of the Summer Wine" trip. Countryside is beautiful and picturesque, was a pity it rained most of the journey :( So anyway, we had a wonder around Holmfirth, where they do the filming and had Gary and Eddie do the chatting about what goes on etc (Eddie is the dog :)) Along the street, I spotted the Last of the Summer Undies!!!Haworth - Bronte Sister country - and Hebdon Bridge we next on the agenda for a visit. Very pretty places and lovely little villages. Leeds market was the last visit on the list. And being a good overseas tourist, I did what you do when you go to Leeds, I bought a Sari!!

The trip home was via Skipton, which was nice - my mum used to go there as a young woman for holidays, so it was nice to see the place first hand. Just by chance, I found the surname of the people she used to stay with, but asked a few people in the town if they were still about, but didn't get much luck :( And then....I went on ANOTHER boat!!! This time it was a canal boat tho LOL
Time to go for now, till next time, you all take care now :))

Friday, September 5, 2008

Well its still raining....

so its a bit of a stay at home day today as it is a bit cold too. Good opportunity to do a bit of blogging. I got a bit of a surprise today - I have won my first award!!!
Kernowitch kindly gave me the award, so thank you Chrissy :)) Now picking another seven might be a bit hard to do!!! But here they are:-
They are not in any particular order or preference, I like them all for various reasons and interest.

While down in Eastleigh we were out and spotted some of these creatures wondering around the countryside! There was many different breeds in the area, but we chose these ones.

Once you have caught them, you cook them and eat them :))
Hastings was a short three night visit. Played on the 2p slot machines and came away with 15 little prizes! Wooo hooo Visited with SW's oldest living aunt - if she is still with us in December she will be 98 years old!! Not a bad innings. We visited and stayed with other relations there - great to catch up with them again. Went out to Icklesham for a lovely meal on the last night there, little country pub which served the most fabulous smoked haddock mornay. Jenny and Rob came with us to enjoy the food.
We then stopped off on the way back north to see another of SW's cousins and have a cuppa with her. Then on to a place called Wendy near Royston in Cambridge to visit a miniature shop called Maple Street. Of course I managed to buy a couple or three things there. We were then ready to head right back up north to our base point and take a breather for a day or two before the next leg of the trip starts.
While blogging I spotted a little PG Tips fellow sitting on the shelf next to Tipsy Jock (I bought him last time we were in the UK) So I thought he might like to get on the blog and have a look around the world!