Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live, laugh, love....

...and we did all of that this weekend!!  Yes, it was the bi-annual trip to Carrickalinga for us Snobs & Slobs once again.  Unfortunately, not all attended this weekend due to various circumstances...and all weekend we kept waiting for the others to come upstairs from the toilet! LOL

Never the less....we managed to open our purses in a couple of the fabric/quilt shops on the way (and even on the way back too!) (Haven't got a pic of all our purchases - which is probably a good thing really!)  

We stopped at a wonderful shop in Unley for morning tea/lunch (Lorraine's worms were playing up again) that only sells Gluten Free food!!! Seventh heaven for myself and Claire.  Here they are waiting to be fed :)
Then it was off and going to the destination of our home away from home for 3 nights and days.  We were rather quick to get the PJ's on.
And started off with Show Off and Tell.  Lorraine was first with her Farmers Wife quilt.
So we all then went off into a huff and hid for the afternoon.  As the weekend progressed, so did the projects.  Lorraine got this quilt top almost finished - made from a jelly roll.
She also got this lovely little Christmas quilt top done - made from a charm pack.
Kay did a good job on her Drunkards Path Quilt.
Claire was well away with one of her new patterns from Gale Pan Designs.
Kay also managed to put together a delightful scrap quilt.  Here we all are having a feel with out toes :)
My effort for the most part was annoying everyone with my stupidity and taking nice pictures - some of which are to follow.  Besides that I did manage to get the next project for Thursday craft almost finished.  It is a Christmas crazy patch waistcoat (or for some, a cushion cover)
The usual array of food was on hand for consumption.
The following pics are the ones which I will probably get smacked for putting up here - but you get that! (I have a new camera and it does some funny stuff as you take the pics! so why not use it I say??)
Claire was feeling a bit snotty by this stage....
And so ends another trip :( Oh well back to the grindstone so we can all come again in another six months!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The end of the week....

....and lunch was on the menu! LOL!!!  SW and I had been invited to attend the Northern Volunteers luncheon at one of our local pubs.  Very nice lunch and company :) So thank you to the NV's for inviting us.
Saturday was another Farmers Wife get together.  This time out in the Barossa Valley at Granny Loz's place.  As you can see, there was a bit of thread hanging around, scissors and pins...
 ...plenty of nibbles, with freshly made Anzac Biscuits that Loz had just put in the oven as we arrived....
...lots of chatting - Claire, Tara and Kris of course were the main culprits.....
...Shay, Loz and Denise missed out on the action a bit in this department! lol

Tara shared her effort so far on the FW quilt! Very nice indeed :)
Also where she is up to on her Mrs Billings Quilt! Another nice effort:)
A lovely day once again was had by all and I think we went home a little exhausted and wishing we hadn't started this FW project!!!!

Anyway...SW and I had tea and then I sat down to work on a couple of the little kits I had bought at the fair last weekend.  The first was a little old fashioned pram.  If you take note there is a 'bobbin' looking item at the bottom right of the picture - this was the 'baby' before it got dressed up.
And this was the little one finished before being put in the pram. (The ruler is in centimetres by the way!)
This is the finished product.  I was quite happy with the kit and how well it went together.
I then decide to open the next kit and do the little Kauri House - the is the front of the house completed with the pram.
Of course every home needs furnishing...so I had bought the kits of furniture to make up too for the inside!  (Made a blunder and put the chimney side of the house on the wrong side tho! :((( ) Hate making mistakes like that - another 'Amish' move for me -----  and for those that don't know about the Amish, they make beautiful quilts - all have a deliberate error - also their dolls have no faces - as they believe that only God can make the perfect image.
Then I moved on to a dining table and chair set - this is the next size up from the house and pram.  I was rather pleased with these - even though they look a tad wonky on here - but they do sit flat and are level!!!
So a productive evening was had by me and off to bed I went!  Today is Mothers Day in Australia, so I wish all the mums past and present a Happy Mothers Day - hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day xxx

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sydney...here we come! (or went!!)

Well...what a weekend!  Started at 3.30 AM Saturday morning when I awoke to get ready to catch the Red Eye to Sydney.  The offset to this ridiculous time was that my friend Vikki had invited me to go with her - in Business Class and Qantas Club!!!! Wooohooo!!!  Here we are at the crack of dawn in the lounge.
We had a good flight and arrived safe and sound at the Sydney Miniature Fair.  Eager to go - but alas we were one hour early!  Never the less, we managed to find some people to chat to and passed the time away rather quickly.  The whole day was taken up looking at some delightful 'bits and pieces' for our hobby.  Here are some of the things I purchased.
There were a couple of men doing a demonstration on painting little people and making scenes out of real plants and trees.  FAB work!!!
One of the chaps also makes houses that are pretty special - totally out of card.  I must say it was a pleasure to see such detailed and defined work.

The display was magic with several of the New South Wales clubs putting their work on display.   The items on display were varied and interesting and very well done.  This scene was the first in a calender display - this one being January!
And at the end of the calender - December.
The sizes on display varied from 1/12th to 144th and everything in between.  This little A frame house was rather cute.
 As was this little display of terraced houses.
 Lovely piece of furniture here - with four floors on display.

The bedroom from the display unit above.
This next piece took my fancy also - a biscuit tin!
One of the traders let me take some pics of her display.  Most fab work to say the least!!!
And course where would I go without finding a quilt somewhere????  Isnt it wonderful?!
The next pic is not a miniature, but a building that was outside our hotel - would make a wonderful miniature though :)


The view from our lovely hotel room.
We had a wonderful night last night in the hotel - Vikki's family came for tea and a visit and it was a scream - what a 4 year old says at the most appropriate moment is priceless - they are the moments when you wish you had a movie camera on hand! 

After a good nights sleep we were up and atom and set off for the airport to come home.  Once again lounging in the Qantas Club!  This was the early breakfast that I had - very nice :)))
So now its back to reality again! And the week begins tomorrow :))) Hope you all had as good a weekend as I did!  A big thank you to Vikki xx

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Part of the reason I was there, was to accept two lovely cheques - one for the YWCA Encore program and one for the YWCA She program.  Both cheques were very gratefully received and will go a long way towards helping women in both programs - so thank you Zonta for your hard work!

Last night, SW and myself went along to the Para District Zonta Clubs handover dinner at the Adelaide Manor.  It has been a few years since we dinned out at this facility and I don't know why! The food and service was very good.  (Would of licked the plate if it hadn't been bad manners! LOL)  
Zonta do a lot of things in the community that I was not aware of (some I knew - that's why I was there).  One of the things is that they make quilts for two areas of charity - Accident and Emergency unit at the Women and Children's hospital - for the children who need comfort, and the Northern Domestic Violence Unit - for the women at varying stages of their new life after violence.  The two pics below are some of the wonderful work these ladies (and non-members of Zonta) do.
Part of the reason I was there was to accept two cheques on behalf of the YWCA.  One is for the Encore program and the other for the SHE program.  Both cheques were gratefully received and will be used very well for the women involved in these programs.

The other reason I was there was to see my friend Adrienne be inducted as the new President of the Para Districts Club! Well done Adrienne!! (sorry its not a flash photo - Adrienne is on the left!)
So a good night was had by all I think! 

See you on the same channel soon!!! xx