Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank God its Saturday!!!!

Didn't get a sleep in tho :( Was up just after the crack of dawn, headed down to the shops to spend a voucher that I received in the mail for doing a survey recently - lovely to get $50 for nearly doing nothing :)))) So put it towards a nice bottle of perfume!

Then off to one of the miniature shops....again.....cant help myself there either.

Arrived home to find a lovely "Gift" at my doorstep.

Thanks to my bestest friend Quilty Gal! Am looking forward to making some of the projects when I get back from my holiday.

This week I also received two more postcards from the swap - the flower from Brenda and the tree from Rhonda. Thank you ladies, lovely postcards to add to the wall.

Last weekend the Snobs and Slobs went out for a luncheon - ummmm foooooddddd.... had a wonderful lazy afternoon. We managed - finally!!!- to present one of the daughters with her 21st quilt at last. She was thrilled with it, as were we.
So, now for Quilty Gals sleepover work.....made the top a while ago for a friends birthday, so thought I had better get it quilted and finished soon.

Wont get it finished today, but hopefully tomorrow!!

Well, going out for tea with some friends, so will cyber off for now, till next time, keep warm and happy quilting tonight girls!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Its almost ShowTime at SAME.....

Its finally Saturday...

....and what a week it has been!
Rather a busy one to say the least.
Worked of course (that's where I go to get paid
at least!)
Then Wednesday night was the 25th Birthday
for the Encore Program which is run by the
YWCA. These are some of the wonderful ladies who attended the dinner, as usual we all had a great laugh, and talked and ate and talked and ate!!!

Thursday was an interesting day. DH and I had to deliver our Tudor house that is going into the SAME Festival in August. I had not met the lady of the house before...and what was supposed to be a half hour visit turned in to 2 1/2 hours!! Dillis is the lady and she belongs to a Historical Costume Group in Adelaide. Well.....she makes all her beautiful costumes including hats, reticules, parasols and under garments!!! These cover periods such as the Victorian era, Napoleonic era, Edwardian and Medieval eras!!
I was sooooo enthralled by her work. She often goes with her group to Government House for various events and they walk around the gardens and play croquet! So if you are ever in the area you might just see some of the people there. She has in her collection a wonderful "Wedding Ring Shawl" - it is a shawl that is made of silk and is as fine as a cobweb and when you hold it in the centre, you can pull it through a wedding ring it is that fine!!!! This is a photo of the shawl - it is black and is kept in acid free paper. Unfortunately it is so old that it is started to break up in some spots.

The gold one on the right is also a very old silk shawl, but this one is still able to be worn as its not as old as the black one. So thank you Dillis for a lovely afternoon :))

Then it was off to Strathalbyn and a visit to one of our favourite shops - Dollhouse Essentials - where Greg and Linda showcase the Strathalbyn House of Miniatures. This is a trip worth doing if you are in that neck of the woods.

The house on the right has been converted into
an antique dealers with some wonderful items
for sale. There are many more houses on display
and you can spend hours just perusing and
amusing at what there is in miniature!!

This week I received my Cupcake swap :))) Thank
you Rachel for the lovely gift, Cupcake is so cute
(that'swhat I have decided to call her)and looking
forward to trying the tea :)) being Saturday, tis washing do :((( but
am hoping to carry on from yesterdays sewing and get a bit more done - two down, one to go!!! Then it will be a major tidy up before holidays!!!! YEH (Then when I come back from hols, DH is going to make me a new cupboard to go in the sewing room) Got to be happy about that one !!!! Hope you all have a good weekend.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Yet another Blogger...!

Please welcome Karen, my sister-in-law to the Blogging World!!! She is VERY new to this sort of thing, so please make her welcome and drop by to say hello....

Today was Dads birthday, so we had a lovely dinner together - forgot to take photos - again!!! Haven't done any machine sewing this weekend....maybe tomorrow??? Did manage to get a bit of hand work done tho, which as always is nice and relaxing. Well, need to go and see if the Sandman is calling me or not - if its anything like last night, probably not till the early hours again - don't know about this menopause thing!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A new Blogger...

.... that I would like to welcome on board, my cousin Margaret, who lives in New South Wales. So go on over for a visit and say hello :)))
Two postcards have arrived from the Postcard swap that is happening, one from Brenda in America and the other from Karen in Australia - thank you girls for a couple of lovely cards :)))

Today was Snobs and Slobs day, but alas...due to people being on overseas holidays, babysitting and working... there was only one Snob and two Slobs together for the day, altho one Slnob turned up at the end of the day for an hour or so!!! LOL! Anyway Slob One aka Quilty Gal turned up with this lovely hold all trolley - she is kindly sharing her prize from Spotlight and so she bought one for herself and one for me!!! So MANY thanks friend :)))) Just love it!!!
I think Snobs cat Winston took a liking to it too!! Straight in he was! Typical quilters cat....
Even tho there was only 3 of us today, you will all be happy to know that we have set the world right for another 2 weeks hehehehe

Monday, July 7, 2008

Twas a dark and stormy night....

ca....and the wind was blowing about....we've just had the wettest day for quite some time here in SA!! Wonder how full our dams are for the summer???

This is how our little Rose managed to keep warm!!! All tucked into a quilt :) She is not as evil as she looks...well, not most of the time!

Now that I have finished and posted the Postcard Swap and the Cupcake and Tea Swap, I thought I would blog the pic so you can all see what they look like (if you are the recipient, please look away now )
Didn't manage to do too much sewing on Saturday and Sunday. Had a "in-house nursing home" day Sunday with my Mum :)
Got the sewing room tidied!!! wooo hooo!!! found some bits and pieces that I thought had gone to the big quilting cloud in the sky:)
Well, off to do some hand sewing now, nearly finished Mum and Dads 50th Anniversary gift....

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thats it for the night!

Well, have just finished 10 hours of sewing! Shoulders don't belong to me now, side sore, head aching...winge, winge, winge....Finished my Cupcake Swap, Postcard Swap and gifts for overseas. So its off to the Post Office tomorrow :) Cant post any pics or the recipients wont get a surprise will they??? Also put together a quilt The Snobs and Slobs have been working on - cant post that pic yet either :( Cooked and ate tea in between, so it wasn't continuous sewing....might have a nice hot shower now and veg for an hour or so. Got more to do tomorrow :))))) Have a good night :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Take a look...

Go on folks and take a look at Chrissys blog - like me a fairly new blogger to the site, I think you will like reading her blog - I did.

For those of us at work...

Thought I would take a short lunch break and post a blog :) Last night I almost finished the work on the Tudor house, just got a couple of boxes to make for the Wax and its done!!! WOO HOO!!! Now got to get some bits and pieces of sewing finished 1) Cupcake Swap 2) Postcard Swap 3) Some gifts for overseas :))) Then I guess I will have to tidy the sewing room - looks a bit like WW3 has happened in there lately, even my two cats are a bit ruffled about the mess. Almost didn't find hubby in there last night, had to keep calling his name to find him LOL. Well better get back to work and the boring end of year stuff.....