Saturday, July 19, 2008

Its finally Saturday...

....and what a week it has been!
Rather a busy one to say the least.
Worked of course (that's where I go to get paid
at least!)
Then Wednesday night was the 25th Birthday
for the Encore Program which is run by the
YWCA. These are some of the wonderful ladies who attended the dinner, as usual we all had a great laugh, and talked and ate and talked and ate!!!

Thursday was an interesting day. DH and I had to deliver our Tudor house that is going into the SAME Festival in August. I had not met the lady of the house before...and what was supposed to be a half hour visit turned in to 2 1/2 hours!! Dillis is the lady and she belongs to a Historical Costume Group in Adelaide. Well.....she makes all her beautiful costumes including hats, reticules, parasols and under garments!!! These cover periods such as the Victorian era, Napoleonic era, Edwardian and Medieval eras!!
I was sooooo enthralled by her work. She often goes with her group to Government House for various events and they walk around the gardens and play croquet! So if you are ever in the area you might just see some of the people there. She has in her collection a wonderful "Wedding Ring Shawl" - it is a shawl that is made of silk and is as fine as a cobweb and when you hold it in the centre, you can pull it through a wedding ring it is that fine!!!! This is a photo of the shawl - it is black and is kept in acid free paper. Unfortunately it is so old that it is started to break up in some spots.

The gold one on the right is also a very old silk shawl, but this one is still able to be worn as its not as old as the black one. So thank you Dillis for a lovely afternoon :))

Then it was off to Strathalbyn and a visit to one of our favourite shops - Dollhouse Essentials - where Greg and Linda showcase the Strathalbyn House of Miniatures. This is a trip worth doing if you are in that neck of the woods.

The house on the right has been converted into
an antique dealers with some wonderful items
for sale. There are many more houses on display
and you can spend hours just perusing and
amusing at what there is in miniature!!

This week I received my Cupcake swap :))) Thank
you Rachel for the lovely gift, Cupcake is so cute
(that'swhat I have decided to call her)and looking
forward to trying the tea :)) being Saturday, tis washing do :((( but
am hoping to carry on from yesterdays sewing and get a bit more done - two down, one to go!!! Then it will be a major tidy up before holidays!!!! YEH (Then when I come back from hols, DH is going to make me a new cupboard to go in the sewing room) Got to be happy about that one !!!! Hope you all have a good weekend.....


Kris said...

What a fascinating brush with a costume maker! Must have been an interesting visit.

Brenda said...

What beutiful shawls...that does not even come close to describing them. The minitures are wonderful and fascinating. I bet you are getting excited about the event. Do you enter just one display or several?