Sunday, June 29, 2008

Am I out of my mind.....????

Well, today I thought I had better get a move on and do some work on the Tudor Style House for the SAME fair in August (South Australian Miniature Enthusiasts) We have a candle shop called "Wax Worx". Having made the candles last week, decided to get them into their places.

..............candles ready for sorting
candles in their respective pots.........

There are many different scented candles, shapes and sizes....yes "looney" I hear you all saying.....

Then there is the nice shelve display on longer burning candles......
And of course, there is the shopfront counter....

Like any good shop these days, there is the opportunity to do a workshop and learn how to do things yourself, so this is the workshop area, but is also the production area for the candles....

Not only is this a shop, but the owners often live here when they are busy. (They also have a little cottage in outside the village where they go for a break) You will see the new bed that they bought just recently.....

This rug in one that I finally finished for the upstairs level where the owners go to relax in front of a nice warm fire at the end of the day. (Took almost 1 year to complete on and off and is done in petit point)

This is the shop and home from the front view.
If you would like to see more....please come to the Festival of Miniatures & Dollhouses - Saturday & Sunday 9th - 10th August 2008 at the St Peters Town Hall, Payneham Road, St Peters, South Australia. The theme this year is "An English Village". It is well worth the trip and lots of fun with raffles, traders, displays, lucky dips and fresh home made eatery too!

Friday, June 27, 2008

.....and the winner is!!!!!!

Tonight we (Quilty Gal and I) went to the local Spotlight store for their "end of bolt" sale. Met up with a few pple including Quilty Gals sister - "What you getting that for" - bought a couple of bolts between us which was an absolute bargain - almost 10 metres each for only $20!!! Great for backing quilts. I also bought some yellow felt.

Our "loot" was purchased and put into a calico Spotlight bag which had a few goodies in it. A fat quarter, silk embroidery reel, $10 gift voucher if you spend $50 next week and 2 metres of interfacing - not bad!!

The Spotlight store had a quilt competition and this lady - Derani - won 1st prize!! which was the trolley loaded with goodies. She was so thrilled I think - it has taken her 17 years to complete the quilt. Congrats :0) The pic to the left is a picture of the quilt, some of us were told pics would be ok and some brought quilts - really hard for the judge I think!!

Then there was a slight mix up and I won a voucher for $200 for "my" quilt. I took 2 along and asked which one had won me the voucher....I had held up one of Quilty Gals quilts :)))) and of course the judge had thought it to be mine LOL!!! So here is a pic of the judge and Quilty Gal with the beautiful Bears Paw Quilt that was made a little while ago. She won for the preciseness of the points and the exquisite hand quilting and the fact it is a beautiful quilt - so WELL DONE GAL!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A sad loss....

Sadly Jane McGrath passed away on the weekend after battling breast cancer for several years. She was an inspiration to many in Australia. She was proof that you need to live life to the fullest at every opportunity and do what you can when you can. Best wishes go to her family and friends.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Finally....some sewing....

Today managed to get some sewing done at last!! Started my Cupcake for the swap on Rachaels blog, decided while I am on Cupcakes to make a couple. So far, so good. Then put together another of Michelles patterns, only to find that I have either lost or missed doing one of the blocks :( so will have to do that next before I can layer the quilt. Also started a project to celebrate my Mum and Dads 50th Wedding Anniversary in October. Really pleased with the progress there. Pics will follow :))))
Well, got to go to work tomorrow to help pay for the next Quilting Expedition - maybe Thursday night as Spotlight have a end of bolt sale!!! Sounds good......

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New bed...

Just finished the pillows to go with the new quilt on the new bed....vwala....
Thats Tiger looking on to see whats new.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome a new blogger....

Welcoming Michele Hill to the Bloggers!!! Please go and have a look at Michele's site and see who makes up the wonderful patterns and quilts that I love doing :) Tis worth the cyber trip, but be kind cos she is new to this Blogging thing LOL!!!


Hi Fellow Bloggers, Brenda is doing a fabric postcard swap. Go to her blogsite for details :) You will find the info under FABRIC POSTCARDS

A Birthday...

Yesterday was my mums 81st Birthday! Yeh!!!! Unfortunately had to go to a funeral in the morning tho :( but that's what one does for friends. Anyway, came home and cooked a wonderful Roast Port and Vegie dinner (even if I do say so myself!!) The family all came and had their fill for the week, rolled them out the door late last night :) Finished off with a lovely Mango Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop - very light and tasty. Forgot to take photos tho... can you believe that???? Well, got Dads birthday next month so will have to remember to take some then...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Was wondering what to do while waiting for Quilty Gal to meet me as we were going to Hetties Patch for a Big Morning thought I would make a quilt!!! Its for a 4 poster bed as you can see. Managed to finish it by machine quilting it :)

But before you get too frustrated....its only 1/12th size :))))
Got to make the pillows next, might do that tonight.

Went off to Hetties Patch, lovely to meet with the other bloggers Lorraine, Levin and Emily, Leanne and of course all the other lovely ladies (and one man!!) that were there. So thanks to Quilty Gal for inviting me along :) Managed to be very good in the spending department, saving for an overseas wedding trip now you know!

While I am tonight, thought I would introduce you to some of my family.
This is my daughter Victoria. She was born May 2004 during a weekend trip to Victor Harbour with the "Slobs and Snobs" . Hence why she is called Victoria. She is a good child, never makes a noise, doesnt eat much and sleeps a lot. For her birthday this year she got some new Cat slippers and a new dress :))) She is an only child so I find that the Grandparents spoil her a bit....but hey, thats what children are for!

Here we have Victorias father - altho he says he knows nothing about it (how she came to be that is) and vows not to pay towards her upkeep....but I manage to sneak her cost of living into the weekly budget!!!!

We have my male cat Tiger on the left. He weighs in at just on 8kg. He is not fat just big!!! His sister Rose, on the right, is smaller than him but is still just over 5kg. They are part moggy and part persian so I guess its the moggy side thats the big side????
Am off now to watch Dr Who and have a cuppa (hot chocolate of course!!!)
Thanks for a great day folks....

Try your luck...

Lovely lady Lynette is having a give away so go to the following link to see her wonderful site and what she does!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The first hand appliqued Baltimore style quilt I made many years ago. Still has a place on the wall - except Christmas time when I hang something else up. Had another one there for a while but took it down for Christmas and it has been lost in the wild blue quilters yonder.......

"Batimore Test" is what I think I will call this one.

I have been teaching others how to do the various types of applique - an interesting project. There is a mistake there too that hasn't been fixed!!! The patterns were picked from different books.

Splurged out here and did a Block of the Month from Leesa at Chandlers Cottage. Just got to add the sleeve now. Had it pinned up on the wall to decide where I am going to put it. Great quilt to do, it's 3d so some of the flowers stick out.
If you like button hole applique, this is one you
HAVE to do. Designed by Michele Hill of Adelaide
called William Morris Floral Sampler.

Tis the first one of Micheles quilts that I have done and loved the finished item. I am now doing another two of Micheles patterns with a couple of others on the shelf calling to me :)

Quilty Gal bought the pattern for this miniature as a gift many years ago. Great little project to do. Dimensions are about 10" square and a need to have quite a bit of patience. Loved the challenge.

....and finally for today.... the quilt that Quilty Gal made me for my 40th Birthday!!! To quote " Good friends are like Old Quilts, they never lose their warmth" and on the back "they just get faded and smelly!"

Well I hope I didn't fade too much or get too smelly!!!!

Now it is time for bed and the beauty sleep (God knows I need it!!!) and some energy for tomorrow as its "Slobs and Snobs" day - can't wait......

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some pics for your pleasure.....

This is is what my dad has made :) It was his first horse he carved. My hubby and I painted it and I made the saddle and put on the eyes and lashes (got them from the cheap shop!) It was made to become a family heirloom for my hubbys brothers family. They have two grandchildren at the moment so as more come along, they can all enjoy riding the horse.
Now dad is making another one for another part of the family!
By the way thats my male cat Tiger sleeping on the rug in the background.

My Little Victorian - its a 1/24th scale miniature house which was commissioned by a rather influential family called Avonlea about 4 years ago. Since moving in they have decorated and furnished the house rather well and are very comfortable there. (They even have a couple of cats too!) Mr Avonlea spends most of his time at the stock exchange while Mrs Avonlea loves to shop for her home :)

The Norwood Town Hall is the feature here. Made to help celebrate the 125th birthday of the building last year. The Town Hall has undergone a few changes since it was first built, one of which is a clock tower that was added between the two top layers of the front of the building. If you live in South Australia or coming for a visit, please go and see the real thing and the miniature by following the link.

What do you do with a wedding dress and veil that is sitting in your cupboard???? Make a quilt out of them!
The centre piece of the quilt is the two layers of veils decorated with heart shapes and beaded with over 12000 beads.
The outer border of the quilt is the dress layers vliesofixed and satin stitched.
Across the pillow is the two lengths of ribbon from the wedding car.
Most of the quilt has hearts quilted into it and the rest is cross hatched.
It took about 1 year to make and I was very pleased with the finished result. There wasnt much left over after the project was finished - but what was left over went into the Crazy Scrap Quilts that some friends have received as baby quilts.


Finally after much ado, managed to get the clock ticking and the counter counting!!! Quite a few interruptions along the way but here we are.

The weather here in Adelaide is cold but sunny - praying for a lot more of what we had last night - rain!!! For the best part we are quite lucky with weather except last winter and this summer as we have had very little rain and are still in "save water" mode - cant have too many long showers :( But you have to take the good with the bad.

Thanks to the replies to my first blog - great, makes you feel encouraged to say the least. Will get some pics uploaded to the site. Wont put them all on at once or you might get bored :)

Till then,
Happy Blogging

Monday, June 9, 2008

Aus Rose

Hi! Welcome to my Blog :)
I live in Adelaide, South Australia. Lovely place to be. Married with two cats. Love quilting, all needlework, miniature houses (anything small really :))) ) I work part time for an electrical contracting company. Was introduced to this blog site by my best friend Quilty Gal - have thoroughly enjoyed reading some other blogs so thought I would give it a go myself. So please feel free to drop in and see whats happening in this part of the world.