Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to you all....

The weather has been terrific here this Easter Weekend, except for the nights - they have been rather cool. Since my last post, we have had a couple or so of birthday parties! All been good!!
Blake celebrated his 18th.....One of the Snobs & Slobs - Glenice - had her 70th!!!Cos she is a quilter and sewer, her wonderful daughter Dawn got the theme of sewing happening throughout the room, including these lovely decorated cup cakes with fondant buttons on them.
You might notice in the background there was bobbins of thread and tape measures hanging around the place.
Glenice with her hubby, daughter and grand daughter.
As I mentioned earlier - tis Easter, so Claire and I headed up to the Barossa to stay with Lorraine. On the way there we encountered a rather large loose rabbit in the street. These people were obviously trying to catch said rabbit, but didn't seem like they were having much luck. Fortunately it was the only one we saw on the way out of town!

A craft fair at Angaston was on the days agenda - so off we trotted.....and guess what???? There "just" happened to be a fabric vendor there!! What a surprise that was :) LOL. So of course I made a promise that I wasn't going to purchase any fabric this weekend...............hmmmmm!

Back to Loz's for lunch and of course STITCHING!!!!
We then turned the cement mixer on, plastered our faces, changed our clothes and hit the town! Well, Saltram Wines in Angaston to be exact! Went to see Libby O'Donovan to be exact. What a laugh that was...not exactly as we expected, but thoroughly enjoyable from the beginning to the end of the show.Spent a wonderful night in the Hotel Loz. Woke this morning to a beautiful bright blue sky and Rose banging on the door to be let in.....this pic is nothing like the ones Loz takes of her...couldn't quite get her to keep her head still...LOL

We left mid morning to head home and for me to head off to a family birthday party. You can see that the two children were having a good were the rest of the children (Easter Eggs abounded) and the adults too!

Tomorrow is Anzac Day for us here in Australia. A moment to reflect and remember.
Lest We Forget... 2 all the fallen Soldiers that died for our country I thank you 4 what u did to help build this amazing Nation we call Australia..... To 3000 Soldiers OS now I hope your tour is safe and we as a nation welcome you on your return.. I have total respect for what you do as to take another mans life must be one of the hardest things in the world to live with.. Bless you all..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some people make you sick!

Just read Quilty Gals blog and am going to post her post - in the hope that what has been taken can be returned to the rightful owner!!!

The lovely talented

was at AQC promoting her

new book

when this bag was stolen

We are flooding the internet with the picture

hoping to either find the bag

or worry the hell out of the person who took it

to maybe send it back to Nicole......

Go to Nicoles blog to read further about this

& how it has affected her....

Basically it stinks....

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Where has this year gone already??!!! I cant believe I have been so slack on the blogging side of things :( So, to bring you all up to date, things I have done since the last decent blog.....made a quilt for a friend....
Applied for a new job....and got it! (Well... I didn't really apply for name got put forward...had the interview....and got accepted!!) So it was off to do a Senior First Aid course for two days - very tiring having to concentrate for that length of time at my age! Passed that :) Had a Police Check done...passed that :)) And then it was off to Sydney for 5 days training...and of course...passed that. Was totally exhausted at the end of the 5 days. I had a wonderful time though, meeting up with the other women from all over Australia, we laughed, some cried (she admits to be a sooky la la) and worked hard for a good end result. So you ladies know who you are out there in cyber land - THANK YOU!
So now you're all wondering what my job is....YWCA Encore Facilitator , so if you click the highlighted link you can have a read on what we are about!
Plenty of excitement was had on out 3rd night in the hotel - just about to turn the light out to get some shut-eye and the fire alarm went off. So off we trot from our 6th floor room down the stairs to the street at 10.30ish pm in our nighties and pj's. Gladly it was a false alarm. But we did get some eye candy to make it worthwhile when the firemen arrived :)))))))And of course a visit to Sydney is not complete without going to see the icons of the area. One of our colleagues was from Western Australia and had not been to the big city before. So two of us decided we would take her around a bit and show her the sites. So off we trotted (or walked I should say and stumbled back!) to the Opera House....

...the Harbour Bridge....
....Circular Quay....

.... The Rocks, shopping, dinner and then a trot up Oxford Street. For those that don't know, this is the street where the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is held. We missed it by a week I believe. Our friend was in awe of the whole city and we loved showing her around as best we could.

So then back to a reality check....quilting....always good for the heart and soul I think. Brings you back to grass roots level :)) (Said with a grin) (Cos if you ever get the chance to be in a group, especially get to discuss ALL sorts of things that go on in this world - and most of them are things most people only think and do not say)

This week I was fortunate though to have two quilting days consecutively --- one with the Snobs & Slobs - of which I took no pics this week. It was a quietish???? meeting as one was on an appointment, one was sick.

Then we had a bit of a blogger get together with Lorraine, Shay, Claire and last but not least Kris. I did take some pics today, as you can see they are not all serious ones! However we did sort the world out - which is something us quilters seem able to do quite easily.

So, now its off to sort some bits and pieces out ready for my day tomorrow - a 2 year old birthday!!!!