Monday, March 15, 2010

Am I deaf????? Can I walk????

Only slightly! and not properly!!! But what a fab day yesterday at the Clipsal - Holdens Rule!!! The weather was cool. The drinks expensive. But!!!!! The view was THE BEST!!! Who could ask more but to end a wonderful day with a wonderful view????? I know, youre asking what is she raving on about???...............Jon Stevens of course!!! It has been 14 years since I last watched Noiseworks with Jon perform and it felt like it was only yesterday...did they belt out the music and it was just the best. And of course there was Mental as Anything - ok. Ian Moss - great. Status Quo - do they rock!!! But you can't beat Jon. And for all out there that might be interested, it was mentioned there is a possibility that they (Noiseworks) will perform again towards the end of the year...woooohooo.
So is back to reality and nose to the grindstone :(

Saturday, March 13, 2010

V8's here we come....

LOL!!! Tis the Clipsal 500 weekend here in sunny, warm Adelaide. My friend and I will be terrorising the track and field this Sunday :))) So anyone else that is going that might be reading this...look out LOL Tomorrow I will be dropping SW and Bro off so they can have their day at the track - which is good cos then I get a whole day to myself!!!!!!!!!!

Well today I spent a lovely day with Kristina and Naomi, sitting chatting and stitching. Thank you girls for a very nice day. Looking forward to the next one :)

Some of you might remember (or take a peek back to 2008 UK trip if you don't) my hubby was nicknamed the 'Squirrel Whisperer' after he had 'tamed' a wild squirrel while we were visiting our friends in Wales. Well....the little fella (or girl) has grown up a bit and has come back to visit the abode! Our friends seem happy the squirrel has returned and are kindly feeding it some lovely seeds and nuts. Next blog should have some pics of my new pieces of furniture - dont hold your breath those that know me personally - but......I have FINALLY purchased a china cabinet!!!!!!!!woooohoooo after only 25 years !!!!
Getting delivered next week, so I guess I might have to do some dusting of ornaments and hoovering at some stage.........maybe I wont either hahahahahaha

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whats new pussycat...

whoa whoa whoa :)) LOL This is my latest bag!Which was inspired by this bag below. The picture is surrounded by lots of buttons...its a great way to use up all the odd ones in your collection and looks great too. So thanks Sandy for the pic of your bag xx

This little house was sooooo cute, I had to share it with you. It is one that SW has just finished. It is not living at my place unfortunately tho :( It is only small so you can tuck it up under your arm and go off and play !!
Adelaide has the Fringe Festival on at the moment, so last Friday a friend and myself thought we would go and take a look. Sadly we were ill informed about the times. So off we trotted to town only to find nothing started till 5pm!! So we had lunch in a lovely Chocolate Bean Cafe in the East End of town then went to Amoccoco ( a very large non jumping castle type thingy!!) This was a pic from inside. Very interesting place to visit - specially saying it was only $2 each to get in!! Then we chuffed off to a local hotel and had a beer (something I haven't done for a VERY long time) and then up the Mall we went. We were very good tho, didn't buy any shoes on this trip LOL
Friday night SW and myself visited with some friends who had friends over from interstate and the UK. Lovely cool night outside, great company and good drinks. Thanks Brian and Glenice and Co, we had a great time.