Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finally some time...

b...(Langoliers must be on holiday!) to do a post and draw the 50th Post winner !!!! This is the 'prize' A little dilly bag for carrying your cup (or bits and pieces if you like) some coffee and Haighs chocs for when the mid afternoon nibbles are needed :)And now to the draw ~~~~ Toot ta toot ~~~ and it is Helz :)) Congratulations Helz - will contact you for the posting details. Hope you enjoy.

This weekend I managed to get two quilt tops together. I have been doing this project with some ladies on a Thursday morning so thought I had better get a move on and get mine completed!! One is mums and the other is mine. They are little Christmas stitcheries with a 16 patch between. Mine will be a table cloth that's why the stitcheries aren't all facing one way :)This little pram is the latest addition to my 1/12th collection. It is a beautiful Heidi Ott pram - have been saving for a while for this one. It has real metal wheels even! and is made just like the real thing. Looks lovely sitting at the front door of my Painted Lady. One of our Snob and Slobs member completed this table runner - it is from Michelle Hills new book ' William Morris in Applique' - This is the first completed project since her house was burnt down earlier this year by arsonist's. Just proves that you cant keep a good quilter down!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Has anyone heard....

....of the Langoliers???? Stephen King wrote a short story about them....they eat up time...however lately I think they are ahead of me and have already eaten it before I get there!!!

So - this is the 50TH POST!!! How about that??? So if you havent already left a comment, please do to be in the give away draw :))) Good luck to you all xx

Last weekend was the bi-annual Snobs and Slobs weekend away. A great weekend was had by all as usual.We managed to give a couple of old farts refuge for the weekend:) Good job they came with their own siren suits!The world was put right again for the next 6 months while we stitched (not a lot if any bitching this time round)Charades was played on Saturday night. This was Quilty Gals rendition of a book....can you guess which book??? Only one of the Slobs guessed the book - The Bible - so I think that means the rest of us are either heathens or thick!!!We consumed faaaarrrr tooooo much chocolate (wont tell you all exactly how much - but to give a hint - there was 7 of us and we ate more than 7 Family size blocks!!) How disgusting is that? even I think its bad and I am a chocoholic! :)
This was Friday nights supper...This was Saturday nights supper....Sunday we managed to lug our overfed bodies out of bed and get ready for an afternoon of retail therapy. We headed off to Kirkbride Quilts at Strathalbyn. I believe we all delved into our purses and made them a little lighter going out than they were when we went in! I bought one of Cinderberry Stitches patterns - Twelve Red Robins. Lovely little pattern to stitch (not quite finished yet tho) These little items are the ones that we purchased to do from our weekend away at the Inspired Stitches convention. I changed the doily and made it into a little bag for my little great niece (the girls sit and wait for a bus on the house stairs with their bags and goodies!!) Now it is time to get on with finishing some projects ready for the next posting. Happy stitching and stay warm xx