Friday, November 19, 2010


A month since my last post!!! Well, since then we have had a couple of birthdays in the family...which were all nice ones to celebrate. I have been working for a few days - that's been a nice bit of money before Christmas! And of course one of the highlights that happens every 6 months is the Snobs & Slobs bi-annual getaway to Carracklinga. We celebrated Angela's birthday while we were down there, so I baked a cake and put a candle or two in it for her to blow out.Then we had a lovely dinner to celebrate again that night. Our friendly family of Magpies came for a visit and feed again.There are some new houses being built up the street so one of the Snobs and one of the Slobs took a stroll in their pj's for a look!On the menu for the weekend were some very yummy looking dates that were a bit large to fit in the mouth in one bite - as Lynne can attest to...Believe it or not...amongst this madness and mayhem...some sewing did get done by all!!! Kay and Claire did a Cathedral Window each.Lorraine did some stitcheries. Angela did some hand quilting.
Glenice did her nails!! LOL
Glenice did do some stitching tho seriously - just didn't get a pic of her doing it!!!!
On the way home we stopped in at the Alexandrina Cheese Factory - and Claire had to have a play...So did Lorraine...And while we sitting having a drink there, a little Blue Wren popped by the window for a look at the monkeys on display!!This week we have had some sunshine believe or not! And one of the days allowed my dads cactus to bloom..... shame they only last a day tho :(
Now the count down starts for Christmas!!!