Sunday, February 22, 2009

In memory of Winston....

If you read QuiltyGals blog you will already know about one of our fellow quilters losing her house to a mindless act of vandalism. Said quilters brush fence was set alight in the early hours of Thursday morning. The outcome of this act is that she has lost her house and the best part of all her belongings, all she was left with was the nightie she was wearing when she awoke. However, her life was saved by her little furry angel - Winston, a beautiful cat whom she had only had for about one year. He woke her and alerted her to the fire happening outside. Sadly, he didn't make it out and the fireman found his little body near the front door.

I would of thought that the bush fires that have destroyed so many lives and homes in Victoria in the last few weeks, would have made even the worst pyromaniac think twice....but apparently not!!! As QuiltyGal said, 10 mins alone.........hmmmmm

But life most go on, and upward and said friend is now looking to the future and planning what has to be done. Rebuilding her collection of quilts to start with!!! At least she is thinking right :)

Little Winston will always be remembered and will always be with her.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally, time to blog!

Hello Bloggers!! It has been a while since I have managed to blog. As most of you will know by now, we have had a terrible beginning to the year in Australia. Flooding in Queensland with many properties destroyed and then the terrible bush fires in Victoria. Unfortunately many lives have been lost in the fires and many animals gone also. The worst part is that it was not a natural disaster :((( Out of this devastation a picture of love has touched nearly all our hearts. It is of fireman Bob and a wild koala now named Sam (for Samantha). Sam was caught in the fire and has had parts of her body badly burnt. The pic (which I am sure most of you have seen now, as Sam has been shown round the world) is of Bob giving her a drink. Tis amazing to see that a completely wild animal knows when help is at hand is willing to accept the help. She was taken to a rescue home and is being cared for there and is just the cutest thing ever. Certainly pulled my heartstrings for sure!!

The summer for us in South Australia has also seen the hottest ever period since the powers that be started recording the weather here. So since 1887 we have had the hottest summer - over 45oC for several days. The nights weren't much better either which meant we had air conditioning on and then of course the electricity systems were overloaded and some of the areas had to endure blackouts for several hours. It is still rather warm now, but much more sustainable and livable temperatures! Thank goodness :)))

Some of you may know that I started a new career in now training as a Dental Assistant (nurse) and have decided to go to school to get my certificate. So now I have 12 months of study ahead of me....goodness knows how that will go as the old brain hasn't had to work too hard for many years!!!!

Anyway, early in January I bought a pattern for a clown. QuiltyGal and I went to the Spotlight sale (I know, I know, we had vowed not to increase our stash!!) and bought some fabric for said item. Well, it has taken about 4 weeks to nearly finish as I decided to make 3 of them!!! Just got the faces and shoes to paint on them now.
They started off looking like aliens from another world.....but have morphed rather well

The pattern is County Keepsakes - "Bellatrix" by Annie Smith
Well, I guess that's about all for now people....till next time....