Saturday, July 21, 2012


...but I have re-introduced the word verification to my blog posting :(  Due to the fact I keep getting some comments that either make no sense or are not applicable to me or my blog.  Would be nice if people that left a comment would make known who they are then I wouldn't have to make this adjustment.  Hope you all don't mind!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Winter, wet, cold....

...and just soooooo over it already! Never the less, we must plod on! So...since my last post, things have been busy!  Some of the Thursday Craftie's have embarked on a few new projects.  Margaret has been making these delightful shopping bags.
Nancy fashioned this bag using the 3D cameo as the main theme and built the bag up around it.
Ella brought in three of her waistcoats to display for ideas to use in our next project - a crazy patch project - either a waistcoat or cushion cover.
Also since last posting, a few more of the ladies have finished their Grandmothers Flower Garden Friendship quilts.  The first is Pats.
 The next is Joyces.
 The last for the month is Beths.

All different and all lovely! Only a couple or so to go before we can get a group pic of them all!!!

Mary completed her embroidered quilt top this week, ready to get put together now and get quilting!!
SW has been squirrelling some time away in his shed....trying to keep a surprise from me...but I found out before it was finished! Isnt it cute? Its my new 1/24th scale house "The Maddison" (bit like Bates Motel my brother thinks!)
I was also given a couple of boxes containing items to be decorated for our Miniature Festival in August.  One was the first item displayed - an empty false book, it has a print of the Eiffel Tower on the outside.  Was trotting along past some scrapbook items and saw the lovely little red dresses, and the light went on in the old head!  So we now have a little Moulin Rouge display that will be raffled off at the Festival.
My next challenge was a gathering of bits from a kit - so now we have a cute little coffee shop also to be raffled off with the other room boxes at the Festival.
I have been attending a workshop at the miniature club for the last few months.  Christmas Bon Bons have been the project in 1/48th scale.  But for some reason I have not photgraphed mine yet??!!! But here is a peak at one of the other members Bon Bons!
The next pic is of my colleagues from the YWCA Encore team and our boss Karen, who sadly finished her contract with the Y.  So we all met for dinner and said farewell to her (even though its only a work farewell as Karen will be around in other ways to help out with our programme.) (Me, Karen, Ruth, Judy, Ros and Margaret)
What would a posting be without mention of the Snobs & Slobs???  This Snob is now beginning to be an over achiever in her field of quilt making.  Lorraine has done christmas stitcheries in between charm pack squares for this little lap quilt (or table cloth?!)
She also has put together this jelly roll log.
And not quite done yet is her Farmers Wife quilt which is being hand quilted - so stay tuned for that one!

Lynne completed this lovely little Noahs Ark quilt - well almost completed, awaiting the name of the recipient baby at time photo was taken - so no label attached yet :)
Last week I had an appointment in the city and all the way from the car to the building these two little parrots flew or walked in front of me singing! How sweet was that?
So now the pics bring us to the past weekend....SW and I were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a visit to Ambleside - a lovely holiday home in Moonta Bay courtesy of the Otis Foundation and some lovely people who donate their house to the cause for periods of time.
Unfortunately most of the time we were there, the rain was heavy and the wind was blowy and cold so we only ventured outdoors a couple of times.  However, the kitchen wall said it all and thats what we did....
Whilst in Moonta town center, we spotted this quaint little house in between two rather large shops
sadly I don't believe anyone lives there anymore but must of been quite a nice little place to live once.

Just noticed the time stamp on the photos and they are wrong :( Will have to check camera out)
Anyhow, Sunday evening was quite a calm evening and the sea looked half reasonable - wasnt thinking of going for a dip though - so this was the right hand view from our holiday home.
 Directly below us - grass was in our garden.
 Then out to the left.
 The sea and the sun always make a lovely pic together no matter the weather. 
 Till next time, stay warm!