Thursday, May 27, 2010

More nearing the end...

...of the wonderful quilts that the Thursday ladies have been making this year.
Dianne with her Blue one
Margaret with her Green one
Mary with her Pink one - Mary has added another 3 of her own blocks to make this a larger quiltClose up of the bottom centre blockI took my machine along today so that the ladies could see how to do free hand stippling and little patterns themselves on the quilts. Jessie had to be prised off with a chisel at the end of the morning!!!! Guess who might finish her quilt first????

A winner!!!!

Tonight our local Spotlight store had a market night - so off Quilty Gal and I trotted, quilts tucked neatly under our arms. They were having a bit of a competition as well as the market so we thought we would give it a go and see how we fared this year. So....guess what???? I won!!!! woohoo...a big THANK YOU to all the folks that voted for my quilt and thanks to Spotlight for the lovely voucher of $100 to spend - after having vowed this year that we (both Quilty Gal and I) weren't going to buy fabric we would just stash away, we relented and spent 2/3's of the voucher:)))The quilt that won is "Florence's Floral Folley" - so thanks mum!!
Pic is with Janice who organised the comp and Nathan, the store manager :))

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


but where did it go??? We had a little thunder and a bit of lightening and then some rather large raindrops....and now a cricket chirping in the window!!!!!!!!This year at our craft group we decided (or I decided!) that we would do a Mystery Quilt. Some of the ladies are now getting near the completion of the project top. So here is Ella with her purple top.

Lorraine with her green top.

Una's almost completed quilt - Una added three blocks of her own to make it a larger quilt.

One of the Snobs put together her 'scraps' and came up with this lovely quilt top. Lorraine said it just grew and grew and didn't realise how big it was till she finished sewing it all together. I think it is absolutely beautiful - as are all Lorraine's quilts!

In a previous post, I uploaded some pics of two quilts, well now they are finished!! Yeh!!!! The first is called "Sew Many Hearts", this is going off to our local hospital cancer unit for raffling next week along with a small settee that my Dad has made.

The second is the hexagon quilt made with my Mums fabric - 'Florence's Floral Fancy'. I quilted it with the pattern called Florence, which is a flower pattern and am thrilled with the finished product. My dad cut the hexagon papers and fabric for me so it was a joint effort. Tried to get him to tack some of the hexagons, but at the end of a nights work and only having 5 hexagons 'tacked' (speaking loosely here) he decided that it was a good job he was not on piece work and getting paid, so he gave it up as a bad joke. Anyway, the quilt will go to him once I have done a couple of show and tells!

I am hoping to be able to get a bit more sewing done this week - got the yukky stuff to do next - taking up hems on men's pants and fixing some other bits and pieces up :(((

So till later, stay warm!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The sun was shining brightly.....

still!!! Its winter and we have hardly seen any cloud or rain :( However, we did have a wonderful S&S weekend again as usual. We were very good food wise - as you can see, there was very little junk food this time round :)
We did have a dessert on Friday night tho, Kay made a lovely rice pudding.

Claire took her machine down this time and she cut and sewed her lovely fabric finally - we have had the packs since Christmas!!! The pattern is called Bread and Butter and looks good enough to eat.
She (Claire) also found a new friend down at the house - so she has a pet rock for companionship when she is feeling lonely.

Kay put some of her hexagons together and so far the quilt is looking lovely - and getting bigger and closer to the end day by day.

We were very good tho in regards to shopping for fabric on the way down - we called into Tricia's Discount Fabrics - and we ONLY bought what we needed to finish off projects!!!! How good is that????
Then of course Sunday afternoon came and it was back to reality - called in to Spotlight on the way home - but guess what??? We didn't buy a single thing! I think a trip to the docs might be in order for us now tho :( must be something wrong when quilters don't buy fabric!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh my goodness....

I can't believe it has been sooo long since I last posted!!! Well now, whats been happening??? My dad had his knee replaced several weeks ago so he has been the main agenda. However, I have managed to get some hand sewing done in between docs visits etc. I have buttonholed about 250 hearts to be made into a couple of charity quilts..
finished hand sewing a quilt of hexagons that you might remember seeing on an earlier blog. This was my mums have put them together and have called it "Florence's Floral Folly". The quilts just need to be quilted next!!!

and even went on a wine trip to the Barossa Valley with some friends! It was the first time I have been in a stretched Limo!!!
The quilt below is the first quilt one of the young ladies at the Thursday morning craft has completed :) Well done Shelley :)))

This weekend is our bi-annual Snobs and Slobs weekend away, unfortunately through different circumstances there will only be one Snob and two Slobs this time. However, we shall endeavour to have a good weekend nevertheless!!!