Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The sun was shining brightly.....

still!!! Its winter and we have hardly seen any cloud or rain :( However, we did have a wonderful S&S weekend again as usual. We were very good food wise - as you can see, there was very little junk food this time round :)
We did have a dessert on Friday night tho, Kay made a lovely rice pudding.

Claire took her machine down this time and she cut and sewed her lovely fabric finally - we have had the packs since Christmas!!! The pattern is called Bread and Butter and looks good enough to eat.
She (Claire) also found a new friend down at the house - so she has a pet rock for companionship when she is feeling lonely.

Kay put some of her hexagons together and so far the quilt is looking lovely - and getting bigger and closer to the end day by day.

We were very good tho in regards to shopping for fabric on the way down - we called into Tricia's Discount Fabrics - and we ONLY bought what we needed to finish off projects!!!! How good is that????
Then of course Sunday afternoon came and it was back to reality - called in to Spotlight on the way home - but guess what??? We didn't buy a single thing! I think a trip to the docs might be in order for us now tho :( must be something wrong when quilters don't buy fabric!!!!!!

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quiltygal said...

Great weekend !! Pet rock very happy living down here....16 blocks made & pinned together...