Friday, January 21, 2011

A friends thoughts...

that I would like to share with you!

Today I saw a friend at the shops. I was telling her about the lady that won the quilt yesterday and how thrilled she was at receiving such a lovely prize. My friend said she knew how the winner felt. I had given her a lap quilt last year. It is one of the all over scrappy heart quilts that I have made. She got the quilt at a moment in her life when her own heart was rather fractured. Today she said that every day she gets up and before leaving the house - looks at the quilt and decides which heart she is going to take with her for the day! Isn't that just a beautiful thing to do??? I was very touched and honored that someone thought that much of one of my quilts. Makes it all worthwhile. Thank you Helen xx

Mid January already!

Where on earth has the last month gone??? Well, Christmas came and went, as did the New Year. Sadly a couple of SW's family members decided to leave the planet within two days of each other. Very sad. But they are in a happier place now :) We had a fairly quiet time of it all though. Summer has been strange for us in Australia this year, extreme rain and flooding in many parts of the country - and for SA very strange cold to hot days next to each other!

Anyway, on a happier I had the pleasure of handing over a 1st prize that was won in a raffle that I had sold tickets in!!! The lucky recipient was very happy with her winnings!! Congratulations Ella!This raffle was to raise money for a program called "Encore" which is run by the YWCA and is for women who have experienced breast cancer. The quilt was made and donated to the cause by some wonderful women in the Salisbury Stitchers Group - so thank you from me ladies!!

The other nice thing that I was stoked about was my Ginger Plant flowered!!! woohoo!!! I am not a green thumbed person so this was a great achievement to see the flower - so of course have to show it off here!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My thoughts...

....go out with sympathy to all the people and animals in Queensland at the moment. May the waters soon recede and the rain dry up and that life can begin again.