Thursday, November 27, 2008

Here we are....

c only 29 days till Christmas!!! The tree is finally up and decorated, bought a new one at the end of year sales last year. I wanted a big one and was only going to do the tree and put the dec's on it and around it, but didn't think about the girth of it did !?! So it wont fit where I wanted to put it, a bit of juggling the furniture around and I got it in place - not really the best spot but it will do this year. Looks better in the dark with the lights on too!!!Was visiting a couple of blogs tonight, mainly QuiltyGal and Bev's and decided to sign up for Pay It Forward :)

The rules are quite simple and easy. I will make something that I hope you will like, for the first three people who leave a comment, you must have a blog and you must be willing to pass it onto three more people. I will post anywhere in this wide world of ours. I have 365 days to make it and so do you - but lets not leave it that long to spread the kindness and love around.

An update on the dentistry :O Have done a few days of training so far - and its great to say the least, the days go quite quickly as there is sooooo much to learn and remember. Might have to make a quilt for the surgery!!! LOL can imagine the image of it now :)))

Snobs and Slobs are a happening thing this Friday - so no doubt the world will get sorted again for another two weeks at least. Christmas will be discussed, food will be eaten, coffee will be drunk and I am sure if it was possible we would all have a little siesta - but with so much to do I don't think that will happen.

So till later, take care and happy stitching...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its been one of them months....

that seems to have come and gone in a flash almost! One wonders where time goes???? I think sometimes Stephen King's Langoliers are real!!?!?!?!?!?!
While I don't really have any pics to post today - I thought it would be nice to tell you all my latest news......I have a new job!!!!! Going to be training as a Dental Assistant!!!!!!!!!! Completely different to the job I do now, so really looking forward to the challenge. Guess not much quilting will get done for a little while :(
Well it is short and sweet tonight....start new job tomorrow..... will let you all know how it goes.....

Monday, November 3, 2008

A celebration was had...

..earlier this month. It was my Mum and Dads 50th Wedding Anniversary Yeh!!!! We went out for a family dinner to one of the local dinning places and had a lovely evening. Tis hard to imagine that you can spend half a lifetime together - there has been some thick parts and some thin parts - but they made it!!!

This was Ron and Florence on their wedding day - I printed the pic onto photo fabric and embroidered with gold threads and Sadi threads around to secure the fabric onto the background. Mum and Dad were very pleased with the final piece.
The rest of October was very unproductive in the sewing line to say the least so I don't have anything much to show here at all :((( Have to get on with some swapping gifts so will be busy the rest of the week.
Today we went out for tea to a friends place for tea. Very nice it was too - roast lamb - forget Tom Cruise!!! LOL Anyway, while I was there, I helped Greg set up his blog, so if you want to go over and take a look....there is a fantastic array of miniatures and houses here and if you have a day with nothing to do, go for a visit to Strathalbyn, have some lunch and pay Greg and Linda a visit. Even if you are not into miniatures, the houses on display are worth the trip to see. You never know, it might be a new hobby you might like!!!