Saturday, October 16, 2010

Three days to go.....

...and I get to see by BF QuiltyGal again!!! Hooray!!! Cant wait to see her as I have missed her a lot. So if you are reading this Claire, have a safe and sound journey home. Hugs till Tuesday xx

Friday, October 15, 2010

And after the sun.....

....even more rain!!!! and cold!!!!! and windy!!!!!!!!!
But never the less, there is nothing we can do so we just have to plod on :)
I have to share this pic of these lovely roses I received last week from a friend of mine. The peachy ones are called Florence, and the green ones are really green!!!! and not dyed.Last weekend was our youngest great nieces birthday, so we all trotted off for some coffee and cake. Happened that the weather was absolutely beautiful, so we sat outside and enjoyed the sun. One of the children there, had her 'baby' with her, so just HAD to take a pic and share it with you all. Sadly she is not as cute as the baby I posted on here last week. But her 'mother' loves her, so I guess that's all that counts!!! LOLSo that you all are not too traumatized after viewing the above pic, I will leave you with another pic of my flowers!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A busy weekend....

was had by all!! I attended the first AMQF (Australian Machine Quilting Festival) here in Adelaide. I cant put any of the pics up of the quilts but I can tell you it was a wonderful display.
I can show you a pic of one of the teachers there - Pam Clarke from the USA - lovely lady!!! I was fortunate to be her "Angel" for a couple of classes so was able to sit in for the lesson. If you ever get a chance to go to one of her classes - don't hesitate! Very patient, knowledgeable and funny teacher. I was also fortunate enough to catch up with some friends from the past, meet lots of new friends and bloggers. This Festival was about machine quilting, whether it be domestic sewing machine or one of the larger long arms. Another will be around in two years time - so keep your eyes and ears open for the venue :)During the course of the weekend, there was a young couple who visited the show with their little baby. And of course I just had to take a pic!!!! The little one slept like this for the few hours mum and dad were viewing and walking around - wish I could sleep like that!! How comfortable she looks :)
Earlier this week I was able to deliver a shadow box to my friend who is involved with the Volunteers at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. There was a handout of several or more boxes earlier this year and the recipients were left to do as they pleased to decorate. I chose movie themes. Very simple but I think effective. These boxes are going to be placed around the hospital later this year. The idea is to for the boxes to be a bit of a light entertainment while visiting the hospital.
Well....of to do some work now, so till later, stay safe!!

PS We actually have sunshine and warmth finally in South Australia!!!!!!!!! Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!