Sunday, June 15, 2008


Was wondering what to do while waiting for Quilty Gal to meet me as we were going to Hetties Patch for a Big Morning thought I would make a quilt!!! Its for a 4 poster bed as you can see. Managed to finish it by machine quilting it :)

But before you get too frustrated....its only 1/12th size :))))
Got to make the pillows next, might do that tonight.

Went off to Hetties Patch, lovely to meet with the other bloggers Lorraine, Levin and Emily, Leanne and of course all the other lovely ladies (and one man!!) that were there. So thanks to Quilty Gal for inviting me along :) Managed to be very good in the spending department, saving for an overseas wedding trip now you know!

While I am tonight, thought I would introduce you to some of my family.
This is my daughter Victoria. She was born May 2004 during a weekend trip to Victor Harbour with the "Slobs and Snobs" . Hence why she is called Victoria. She is a good child, never makes a noise, doesnt eat much and sleeps a lot. For her birthday this year she got some new Cat slippers and a new dress :))) She is an only child so I find that the Grandparents spoil her a bit....but hey, thats what children are for!

Here we have Victorias father - altho he says he knows nothing about it (how she came to be that is) and vows not to pay towards her upkeep....but I manage to sneak her cost of living into the weekly budget!!!!

We have my male cat Tiger on the left. He weighs in at just on 8kg. He is not fat just big!!! His sister Rose, on the right, is smaller than him but is still just over 5kg. They are part moggy and part persian so I guess its the moggy side thats the big side????
Am off now to watch Dr Who and have a cuppa (hot chocolate of course!!!)
Thanks for a great day folks....


quiltygal said...

Well I think you should be reported fancy letting your daughter sleep on a bit of wood while you make quilts for beds no-one can fit in!!!shameshameshame!!
go check out my new profile pic hehehe
I should post a pic of Victorias cousin??

Levin said...

i hope victoria's dad at least gives her a sizable quilting budget!
lovely to meet your family. your cats look gorgeous. i have one who weighs about 2 kilos - she lives of nervous energy!! we got her from the pound and i think she came with the odd psychological problem.
lovely to meet you yesterday. hope we can do it again some day.

Kris said...

I knew there was a catch! I was heaps jealous of your quilt-in-a-moment until you mentioned the size! Thanks for showing off your quilts. They're beautiful!