Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some pics for your pleasure.....

This is is what my dad has made :) It was his first horse he carved. My hubby and I painted it and I made the saddle and put on the eyes and lashes (got them from the cheap shop!) It was made to become a family heirloom for my hubbys brothers family. They have two grandchildren at the moment so as more come along, they can all enjoy riding the horse.
Now dad is making another one for another part of the family!
By the way thats my male cat Tiger sleeping on the rug in the background.

My Little Victorian - its a 1/24th scale miniature house which was commissioned by a rather influential family called Avonlea about 4 years ago. Since moving in they have decorated and furnished the house rather well and are very comfortable there. (They even have a couple of cats too!) Mr Avonlea spends most of his time at the stock exchange while Mrs Avonlea loves to shop for her home :)

The Norwood Town Hall is the feature here. Made to help celebrate the 125th birthday of the building last year. The Town Hall has undergone a few changes since it was first built, one of which is a clock tower that was added between the two top layers of the front of the building. If you live in South Australia or coming for a visit, please go and see the real thing and the miniature by following the link.

What do you do with a wedding dress and veil that is sitting in your cupboard???? Make a quilt out of them!
The centre piece of the quilt is the two layers of veils decorated with heart shapes and beaded with over 12000 beads.
The outer border of the quilt is the dress layers vliesofixed and satin stitched.
Across the pillow is the two lengths of ribbon from the wedding car.
Most of the quilt has hearts quilted into it and the rest is cross hatched.
It took about 1 year to make and I was very pleased with the finished result. There wasnt much left over after the project was finished - but what was left over went into the Crazy Scrap Quilts that some friends have received as baby quilts.


linéa said...

Beautifull work, and a realy nice blog. Welcome to this world. I found my way here throu quiltygal.
King regards

chook said...

your photos are just beautiful
so much work has gone into the things you have done thank you for the pics
hugs Beth

Dawn said...

I so love the idea of turning your wedding dress into a Quilt, Well done to you, it looks fantastic and am sure looks even better in real life. Welcome to the world of blogging!
Quilty Hugs

Kris said...

I love your blog. Really beautiful work here! Came here via quiltygal. I am an Adelaide girl too. Pop over to my blog for a look!

OzRose said...

Thanks for the nice welcome. I will be at Hetties for the big morning tea too!!! Thanks to Quilty Gal :))) She's just the best
Enjoyed reading your blog. How do you manage to get time with all the children???? Thought I was bad enough fitting everything in but you have won the cake :)))