Friday, August 8, 2008

The day finally came....

but before I start my trip posting, I thought I would share this pic with you all, my cat Rose slowly falling asleep sitting up in a 'new' box that she could get into. She was obviously comfortable!!

Anyway onto the trip.... What a long journey it is to the other side of the world!! Other than having our seats changed, my food being eaten by someone else (you would think if you hadn't ordered special food and it arrived with a sticker on, you would know it wasn't for you??? Apparently not!!!) and our security luggage tags missing off the suitcases, it was a fairly uneventful trip! 5 hours in Melbourne Airport is rather boring tho, Super Dave and I decided a nibble of food at Nandos would go down ok, hmmm...wont be eating there again in a hurry.
Super Dave in Melbourne Airport.
Watched a couple of good movies between Melbourne and Dubai - 'The Bucket List' - cried almost all the way thru that one, then watched 'The Other Boleyn Girl', both excellent entertainment. Did a bit of cross stitch on board, even had one of the hosties interested!!! Me in Dubai Airport, our plane (don't you love the view? tis 6.30am and the smog is thick) Super Dave in Dubai Airport. We felt like we had been in airports for a full week by this time. Coming in for landing over the North East of England. Finally got to our destination of Newcastle and was greeted by our family, it was great to see them again. Haven't done too much since being here - got a bit of a dicky neck and head, but it is slowly getting better. Probably not having sleep for 48 hours would make one dicky headed!!!

This little budgie is a newish addition to the family we are staying with. His name is Springer and is hilarious. He is well versed - 'cuppa tea and cheese?', 'ya bugga', 'sing a song', 'are ya coming' are amongst some of the things he says. Keeping us well amused!!

So anyway, will try to keep updates happening. To all my family, friends and bloggers reading this - see you all soon. XX


Brenda said...

Love all of your pictures! Have a grand time!

DaCraftyLady said...

wonderful pics

quiltygal said...

Hi Friend glad to see you arrived safely....PASSPORT ARRIVED weds.... booked flight on thursday she arrives in Cardiff on mon sept 8th, 10:30 in the morning...same itinery as Nathan....she wanted to go 25th,ish of aug but it was $800 more so she is waiting a week!!!!
Will post to you later have a good time missing you already xx

Levin said...

oooh wow - a post from the other side of the world - i love it!
have a wonderful time - i hope it's warmer there than it is here. it's so cold here i had to ring david from my mobile to the home phone to get him to put the kettle on before i got out of bed - lol!
looking forward to hearing about your trip.

KernowWitch said...

Welcome to the UK Rose. Hopefully you will have a great time while here. Sorry the weather is awful, raining buckets as always but you may have brought some sun with you. Enjoy your Chrissy x

Unknown said...

Welcome to Europe! Nice blog, I really liked your houses. And I love cats and chocolate too...

Greetings from Sweden,