Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not much on the home front....

....even tho I say that, I wonder what I do with my time??? Friday was Snobs and Slobs Day at my place. Quilty Gal and her sister were doing some crocheting - this was the product at the end of the day!! Quilty Gal had been teaching Sis to crochet for the best part of the day - then we found out that Sis had previously been to lessons for said craft!!! We wouldn't of guessed - LOL!!!Last weekend SW and I went to a friends 80th Birthday - very nice indeed!! This is me and Yvonne (the 80th lady)

Then I went to a Baby Shower....looking forward to the baby coming along next month (or earlier according the mum-to-be).
I have been doing some sewing, but can only show you the mess I made making the quilt (as the finished product is a secret at the moment:) )This pic is of the last of my roses for the season - lasted over a week in the vase!! Amazing...for any of my flowers to last long!!!

We also had a lunar eclipse last week - took a pic of the moon before it happened - but it doesn't really show how bright the moon was - it was soooo bright that you couldn't see any stars in the sky!!! Anyway...made a wish so just waiting for it to come true now :)A friend has two guinea pigs - girls...then one turned to a boy.... and this littlie is the result!! How cute?Well, better go and get the tea prepared - celebrating my Dads birthday today :))

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