Tuesday, February 8, 2011


.....I cant believe that it is February already! So far this year has just flown by and I have done very little in the way of any personal quilting or stitching! Better pull the proverbial finger out I think!!! So having said that, there is not much to show on here today. But taking a step back a month or two, to the Christmas break - Dad, Dad-in-law and myself went to visit some family for an hour or two. There is nothing like little children to make you smile - and we certainly did that in their company. We came out of there with aching faces due to the antics and things they said. Thank you girls for a lovely afternoon!! xx
One of our friends recently turned 50 - much to her disgust I believe - so I made her a quilt. Do you think she liked it?! LOL The pattern is called Trade Winds and was a freebie on the web, easy to do and went together very well.
Last Friday night was spent at a trivia quiz for one of the local Zonta groups. We came equal last (seems to be a trend for us at these nights) but we had a great laugh. Our friend 'Nev the Echidna" is playing Heads and Tails - we didn't win at that either. However I did win a bag (unfortunately I already had three of these in the cupboard at home) and fortunately one of the friends on the table has always wanted one so it got passed down the table to her - so all was happy.
Saturday was spent catching up for lunch with some quilters that Quilty Gal and I have known for a number of years. Great catch up and chat.
Then we toddled off to one of the local beaches for a mooch around a community market. The weather was absolutely beautiful on the beach front. The goods and chattels that were for sale were nice to view too. We managed to find some wonderful tea "Chocolate Marmalade" - no preservatives etc and made by a local company in the Barossa Valley which is great!! Very nice flavour to the tea too!!! Amongst the stall holders there was Leanne and Amanda who had some beautiful bits and bobs for sale. Then we met up with Granny Loz and her friend for a coffee and chat, which was delightful. Always nice to catch up with friends and have a relaxed chat.

So now its back to the grindstone for a few days or so till the weekend rolls around again!!


Lorraine said...

Loved catching up with you and Claire.....it's good to laugh..and we did a fair bit of that! The week is flying by!..no stitching here...maybe on the weekend...!

Leanne said...

It was nice to see you shame we could not have a better chat. I must visit the tea stand choc/marmalade sounds very yummy

Lori E said...

Wow, you create beautiful quilts. It is one of the art forms I have not been able to do.
I was browsing through blogs from the Blogger dashboard and came upon yours.
I too love genealogy and have researched many family trees for people because as you must know it is so addictive you can't just stop at your own.

Lounging with a Latte said...

The year is going quick isn't it? What a lovely quilt you made for your friend...very special.