Saturday, May 21, 2011

Has summer come back?

Here we are in the middle of autumn and it seems like summer is here again! Today 25oC !! Weird - oh well, have to make the best and enjoy before the rains come....and it has just started :((
Since my last blog - gosh that was a while ago! I have been busy doing the usual bits and pieces a quilter and blogger does :) Quilty Gal and myself got invited to Tara's place for a chinwag and sewing day. We had a wonderful day, sharing our likes and dislikes. Claire and I were in awe of the beautiful quilts Tara has made, not to say the least the one on the wall....a Dear Jane quilt! To top it off, Tara had made us a beautiful gift....a belated thank you Tara for a fab day! Hope to have another soon.Last term at The Thursday Crafties, we have been working on a Celtic Knot item. A few of the ladies have finished their pieces - Lorraine decided to make hers into a little footstool (don't think anyone will be allowed put their feet on it though)Margaret had made her Celtic Knot into a lovely cushion - with thoughts of doing another so its not lonely :)Jessie has been working on her project this term, a Rose of Sharon Quilt. Absolutely beautiful job!I am very proud of the work that the ladies do on a Thursday - they are very inspiring and most are happy to give most of the projects a shot. This term we will be working on a Grandmothers Flower Garden friendship quilt. Will keep you posted as we go along.

This next item is something that one of the Thursday ladies has been doing at another workshop, just thought you might like to take a look and see!To top this Thursday off, it was a special birthday for Lorraine! Happy 70th!!!! May you have many more healthy ones. xxMay is the time of the year for the Snobs & Slobs bi-annual trip to Carrackalinga. So the bag was packed.......the car was packed........fabric shopping was done....lunch was had....we arrived (our view from the house).......and the pj's went on!The days were spent as embroidery to commemorate the marriage of Will and Kate......the sweat-shop was set to go........the worker put into place........and the product started being churned out........more stitching in another corner of the room....(yes Gail...its your pattern...)....and yet more stitching........Lorraine was let out the sweat-shop to lay out her wares for the evening...(and get tea ready)...we all went for a look......and the nearly finished product was looking good - cant wait to see it finished! Next time we think we might tie Lorraine to the chair then the project will get finished (but then we might not eat?)...some even managed a jig to celebrate....In between the sweat-shop and the meals, Lorraine managed to get quite a bit of quilting done on her Florabunda quilt - beautiful! effort was these stitcheries....(pretty pathetic really!)By this time, it was time to leave. We headed off for lunch on the way home to the local gaol......where one managed to get incarcerated!Lunch was at the lovely Normanville Hotel. The lead light windows and doors alone are worth going to see, never mind the food!!!And to end this post, a pic of a beautiful rose that I received from a dear friend - how nice is that?

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Leanne said...

Very crazy weather indeed. You have had a busy month it is really scarey where time goes it is hard to believe it will be June in just over a week. Looks like you had a great time in Carrakalinga. I love the Normanville pub.