Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh my!...

Its over a month since my last post! How slack is that?? And how slack is it that I don't have many pics to share with you all??!! So...what have I been up to then?!? Well, I went to a workshop to learn how to make miniature flowers! This is the first workshop in miniatures that I have attended - great fun and great company and the finished product wasn't too bad either I thought. Started off with these...which turned to these...which eventually became these! Lovely spring daffodils.I then decided to have a go with what the other side of the table were working on...which eventually became these! Very creative Iris's.So how cute do you think they are?!

Of course not as good as a friend of mine....she entered the Interflora competition for South Australia and won in the bridal section!!!! Well done Lynette! So if anyone is looking for a good florist, just pop along and see her!

Here is some of Lynnette's beautiful work...and the winning entry - the bridal piece...Of course we have been very busy at our Thursday craft group too! The project has been (and still is!) a Grandmothers Flower Garden Friendship Quilt. It started off with only a tad of enthusiasm, and only a few of the group doing the hexagons. Then I explained how a friendship quilt works and how I would like one....the numbers swelled to 25! Looking forward to getting the blocks shared among us now, but we are being diligent and waiting till all are finished! So hard though when you are eager and want to make up the quilt! Here we have some of the rather eager members working away!Anyway, the ladies have been doing other projects in between the hexagons. Teena has made two of these lovely quilts for her family. Her husband and herself belong to a hot rod club and designed the quilt herself which is terrific because she has only been quilting a couple of years!
SW's brother and wife have been busy on an overseas trip. When they returned we were treated with one of SW's favourite lollies 'English Maltesers' YUM. Needless to say they did not last long in his hot hands! Their trip consisted of visits to places like London - Maltesers, keyring, Amsterdam - clogs, Austria - cow bell and Germany - steins and keg (fit beautifully into my mini bar room!)Well, I guess that's about all for now...listening to the rain splat down on the roof at the moment - at least it has kept the freezing temperature away for the day! Certainly looking forward to the warmer weather.

And a short note for some of my friends who are not well out there, I am thinking of you all and wish you wellness quickly xx

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Shay said...

Well despite your absence it looks like you've been keeping yourself busy.

I love the miniature flowers. I bet that took a lot of patience. And the quilt pictures are lovely as always.

Hope things are going well with you!