Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year....

...hope it brings many a nice day for you all!

Just before Christmas, the Encore program finished and all the lovely ladies joined in an end of term coffee together. One of the ladies does Pergamano, a type of paper art. She brought along a few of the projects that she has done (and won awards with! - and like most of us, does not think her work is good!!!! lol and roflmao here!)A beautiful fan.And how about this set of underwear?! All paper!!!!Yesterday, we had a bit of a flash storm go through Adelaide. Apparantly we had 14mm rain in 15 minutes. Quite a noisy storm and quite scary to say the least. One of my friends got caught in an area of rain that was nearly window deep on her car - she is fine but got a little shaken! Because it hit so quickly and quite violently it put the power out at our house for 2 hours in the evening, so SW and I did some Lego building via torchlight! LOL Well, today is better weather but there is a bit of damage around the place, so I guess clean up is on the agenda for a few people!

I am off now to get some of the Farmers Wife project together ready for our next get together!

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Shay said...

That storm was scary!

I have my fabric and my book in a box all ready to start. cant wait to see you all!