Friday, February 17, 2012

The end of the week... here once again! Haven't stopped much since the last post! But not to bore you with the details, so will jump ahead to Thursday Craft Group!!!! We had a visit from the lovely Cynthia from Cynthias Ark with her delightful fabrics. (Cynthia on the left) It was then time for me (after I had emptied my purse) to move on and do some egg making in time for Easter. (I am not in this photo! ) This was my effort for the morning.Today was a wonderful day spent at the South Australian Wine Centre for a Breast Cancer Network Australia function. Great day, met lots of lovely ladies and their husbands. Myself and two colleagues were there to promote the YWCA Encore program for this year once again. For those of you who dont know, it is a mild mobility program that is free for women that have had breast cancer - just go to the link if you would like to read or know more about it.
So now its time to put my feet up, after cooking the tea of course and vedge-ing out for the night before the delightful crew turn up tomorrow for another Farmers Wife Get Together! Have a great weekend everyone!

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kobe said...

oh, what they are doing is interesting