Monday, February 11, 2013

Nearly Valentines!

...not that it matters much in our house! LOL Not usually anyway...but this year I am getting a treat :) Cant tell you yet tell after though :))

So..anyway...since the last blog a lot and not a lot of things have happened, if that makes sense?  My dad spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital and then I spent a week at his house when he came home.  He is on the mend but its slow.

I still managed to squeeze an afternoon or so of Snobs & Slobs in though! Good therapy those girls...many thanks!!!  Lorraine managed to finish a quilt she started not long ago (sorry the pics not at a great angle)  Tis different and looks and feels lovely.
I was digging around my cupboard to see what I had and found two tubs of these tapestry wools that one of the Slobs & Snobs had given me ages ago. 
Went on the web and had a search around to see what I could make with them.....
Lynne loved what I had done, so she got her wools back all made up!

Mid January was the bi-annual Encore Lovers Reunion Dinner.  We now have some of the male partners coming along to bring their spouses (otherwise they might miss out), so here is our group this time round.
In a couple of months there is going to be a rose released just for us "Encore" is its name and will be on sale to the public.  I will keep you informed on the costing etc, cos we would love to sell loads as all the profit goes back to funding more women doing the program!

At the end of January we (Snobs & Slobs) went on an outing to one of the local quilt shop openings.  Of course we had to stop somewhere for a refreshing drink and feed some worms....we had a ring-in come along who happens to be rather cute so we didn't mind at all.  He has good taste in fabric and might turn out to be the next quiltaholic in his family!  (In case you don't know this is Claire aka Quilty Gals grandson, Seth, from Wales)
Yesterday the family took a trip to see the nephews new house that is being built in the country and then out for tea.  For the locals, we went to the Tanunda Clubhouse...VERY nice food indeed.  Good job we don't live close cos I would be like the back end of a large charter bus if I did -- would be eating there all the time if the money allowed it!  On the way home, we diverted in to my young brothers place to see his latest pets...Mulcher-mulcher and Ratbag...two bearded dragons. Sooooo cute...and no...I am not allowed one! (They are only about 3 inches long at the moment!)
 Well, till next time, stay safe and happy! x


Shay said...

I love that crochet blanket Val. Looks like you've been keeping yourself busy.

Leanne said...

You have been busy and I LOVE your blanket.

Kris said...

That blanket is gorgeous! Well done you. You have been busy!