Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank God its Saturday!!!!

Didn't get a sleep in tho :( Was up just after the crack of dawn, headed down to the shops to spend a voucher that I received in the mail for doing a survey recently - lovely to get $50 for nearly doing nothing :)))) So put it towards a nice bottle of perfume!

Then off to one of the miniature shops....again.....cant help myself there either.

Arrived home to find a lovely "Gift" at my doorstep.

Thanks to my bestest friend Quilty Gal! Am looking forward to making some of the projects when I get back from my holiday.

This week I also received two more postcards from the swap - the flower from Brenda and the tree from Rhonda. Thank you ladies, lovely postcards to add to the wall.

Last weekend the Snobs and Slobs went out for a luncheon - ummmm foooooddddd.... had a wonderful lazy afternoon. We managed - finally!!!- to present one of the daughters with her 21st quilt at last. She was thrilled with it, as were we.
So, now for Quilty Gals sleepover work.....made the top a while ago for a friends birthday, so thought I had better get it quilted and finished soon.

Wont get it finished today, but hopefully tomorrow!!

Well, going out for tea with some friends, so will cyber off for now, till next time, keep warm and happy quilting tonight girls!


Julz said...

Hope you've enjoyed your evening out with friends, we too have not long been home from going out for tea - went to the Cossie Club with friends - the restaurant was full, so we went across to the other side of the bar to their cafe and had Nacho's - very full tummy now :) Happy stitching - the "Gift" book looks delicious - look forward to seeing some of your handiwork from this book in your future blogs :) Hugs Jx

Cathy said...

What a lot of lovely sharing!! Your postcards look terrific!! CAthyxx

Kris said...

I love the weekend! You have shown so many brilliant things in this post. Have a great week!