Monday, April 13, 2009

Has it been that long......

....since my last post????? Gosh, how time flies by....well, here we are again....Easter has been and gone, soon it will be Christmas again!!!! Firstly, I would like to say "Happy Anniversary" to QuiltyGal It is 30 years this weekend since we first met each other....seems like yesterday. So thank you Claire for being my friend thru thick and thin, high and low....lets take a proverbial drink to the next 30!!!!

Since my last post we have had two additions to the family tree. Hubby has now two more 2nd cousins - one girl, Tiffany and one boy, Jordan. Born within 10 days of each other, all babies and mothers doing well.
Last weekend I participated in the "Relay for Life" at one of our local venues. It was a 19 hour team relay event to raise funds and awareness of cancer and research. To say that I was tired after the event is an understatement!! Had a really fun weekend tho, met up with some lovely people and bumped into some people that I hadn't seen for quite a few years. We (all the 25 teams that participated) managed to raise nearly $50,000 towards the roll on next is our entry into the "Miss Relay Bikini"....unfortunately, we didn't win :(
This week saw the finish of another of the Snobs and Slobs finishing the Baltimore Quilt that was started last year, so Congrats to Lorraine :))) Looks beautiful as always..
Following the theme of the South Australian Miniature Enthusiasts show last year, Hubby was asked to make the raffle prize for this years show. So he made the carcass and Ann of The Dollhouse Gallery at Fullarton decorated the inside. This is the finished product below. The show is in August at St Peters. I will keep you all posted so that you can go and view the work and display first hand. Well folks, I guess that's about all for now....sorry its rather boring and no new stitching or quilting done on this post (work has taken over at the moment!) However, at the weekend, two other Snobs and Slobs and myself are off to "Inspired Stitches" so that should be good and I should have something to blog about at the end of it all!!!!

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