Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here we are..... the end of another weekend! Father in law is still in hospital - not sure how much longer at this stage - depends which Doc you speak to :)
Anyway, I have managed to get a couple of things finished ready for piccies!!
The first item is a Christmas cross stitch that I started last year! Finally finished and ready to be framed in time for this Christmas.The second item is another cross stitch that I started earlier this year. It is done with one colour of the gold variegated thread and was real easy to do. Not sure what the finished product will be yet though. Either make centre piece for the table or frame it??? The last item is a little wedding dress that is knitted and is only 5" long (for a 1/12th scale doll) Only got a few beads to add and make the veil and the gloves next!
Today the sun is shining but the wind is still cold. Till later, happy blogging xx


loulee said...

Wow! Two big finishes for your cross stitch. Cirque des Cercles would look beautiful as a piece for the table.

quiltygal said...

Glad you finally finished those two x-stitches ...took you long enough !!.....see ya friday...will you have more show & tell then??

Gina said...

Love the two cross stitcheries

Love and hugs Gina xx