Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hmmmm...what have I been up to????

Well...not a lot of anything really! Other than working a little, staying warm and going to the hospital. The weather has been soooo cold here lately - one would of thought one was in the Arctic Circle this week. Altho, last Thursday we did hit over 20oC for the day, but alas it only lasted one day.
Unfortunately father-in-law has taken ill, the powers that be at first thought it was the dreaded Swine Flu, but turns out he has a multitude of things going on.... RSV, mild heart attack, blocked arteries and the list goes on....but they are doing their best to get him sorted out and back on his feet.
On a happier note, some of you might remember that I have been showing some ladies to do some stitchery and quilting this year? Well, this is one of the finished items - the lady is the picture is very happy with her finished product - it was her first stitch and quilt that she has done! So well done Jess!!! She barely got it finished and has started her next project...so wait to see what she does next:)


Leanne said...

Hope FIL is soon better and roll on summer is all I can say.

DabookLady said...

Hi there Val, here is a simular swap for post cards that we used to have going. I thought I would try and revive it as the old one kind of fizzled out...


Hope to see you there..DaCraftyLady