Monday, November 2, 2009

And I thought I was doing well!

Here we are at the beginning of November and I am half way through my Inchie Secret Swap, thought this was pretty good for me! Then mine secret swap arrived last Friday!!!!!! Lovely package from Alesandra from Italy. Thank you very much Alesandra (if I have spelt your name wrong let me know :) ) Since my last post, many of the ladies at the craft group have finished off their quilts that we started at the beginning of the year, some have gone on and started and finished other small projects. They are now waiting next year to come with a little bit of anticipation. I have decided that we are going to do a mystery quilt!! These ladies are quite new to quilting for the most part and most have not experienced doing a mystery quilt, so the outcome should be quite interesting (the journey through the year should be interesting too, with the questions that will be asked no doubt!) So here is Ella with her beautiful Christmas Stitchery quilt. Then we have Margaret with her lovely pink and green (don't they go together well?) stitchery quilt.Lorraine has finished her quilt and moved to doing a cushion with candlewicking. Margaret 2 also did a lovely little cushion in candlewicking.My mum finished her Christmas stitchery quilt also - great job mum!!!I had made this quilt for a friends birthday but Jessie decided that she might claim it as her work :)School holidays were here a couple of weeks ago so our craft group close for the holidays, so I decided to have the ladies over to my place for the day. There is always lots of food, laughter and chatter to see us through (not a lot of sewing gets done tho!) So the world got righted again till the next holidays!!!!The next photo is of a wedding cake that belonged to a friends daughter in Western Australia. Couldn't resist taking a photo of the photo of the cake - just reminded me of a patchwork quilt. What a great idea tho for a cake - saves on cutting it up later for the guests!And last but not least for today, a pic of the lovely Pigs Face plant at my parents house. The plant puts on a lovely show every summer and looks so bright and cheery and certainly says the weather is getting better here!
Well, I better get off and do some Inchie things and get my other Christmas swaps done and sent off!!

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Gina said...

Great show and tell.

What's the real name of that gorgeous pink plant. I'd like to look out for it over here

Love and hugs GIna xxx