Monday, November 16, 2009

How I feel old!!!!

Last night Quilty gal, her daughter, a few other friends and myself went to see Sweet at one of our locals. There was a 70's/80's DJ on first so being as that was our 'era', we hit the dance floor (and today it feels like I definitely 'HIT' the floor) then on came a good reggae band, so we stayed on the floor. By the time Sweet came on tho, we left the floor, body not the same as it used to be!!! Nor are the eardrums!!! But a great time was had by all, and its nice to know that we still 'have it' to get up and have a move around.
I don't have any pics to post today - mainly cos I haven't taken any this last week!!! But the coming weekend is our bi-annual Snobs and Slobs weekend away at Carrakalinga, so I would say there might be few in the offing!! I am sorry in advance to disappoint anyone, but there wont be much (if any) chocolate there this time. Some of us have had the winter catch up with our girths, so fruit will be the order of the weekend!!!


quiltygal said...

Was amazed at how good I felt the next day even though I had to take a sickie!! but the knees held up quite well roll on thursday !! even with no chockie!!

Leanne said...

Nothing like a good dance to free up the joints.