Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How I hate the cold winter....

but at least we have had some reasonable rain!!! Tonight our cats decided that they would help out and with our hobbies - Rose thought SW needed some guidance on the computer while Tiger was busy supervising the sewing! They are so funny at times - usually Rose sits and waits for the SW to finish and promptly jumps into the warm seat :)
Last Thursday many of the Craft ladies finished their quilts off - so here are some more following from previous postings -
Norma and her green quilt - going as a gift to her sister who is in aged care. Jessie's lovely brown quilt - also going as a gift to a sister. And a pink one that I think she is keeping. Ella finished quilting her lovely quilt and it is now finished!There are still a few ladies who are working on their quilts so stay tuned for the rest!!!

As you might know from previous years - we (SW and I) belong to S.A.M.E and our annual show is coming up in August (more in future posts). The club has been gathering our bits and pieces and getting ready for the show :)) One of the things we do is have a raffle for several room boxes over the duration of the weekend. Here is one that has been completed and ready to go - it is in 1/24th scale so is quite small. (Keep your eyes posted for more to come)Well, I am off to try and warm my feet up before they drop off with the cold!

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Beeshebags said...

Hiya chicky, the heart quilts look great....what pattern did you all use? I did read the post, but if you say the name of the pattern, it didn't register with me! Good to see you back blogging. Hugs Naomi