Sunday, June 20, 2010

Roll on summer...

is all I can say!!!! Have I told you all before that I dislike winter???? LOL
Never the less.... more finished (or near finished) work by some of the Thursday Craft ladies.
This quilt is made by Teena and is her first attempt!! A terrific effort.This is Una with another of her Heart Quilts - love the colours.One of the Margaret's (there are a few in the group - the rest are called Mary!! LOL - been calling one of the ladies Mary all year only to find her name is Jan!!!) has just about finished a lovely bear quilt stitchery.Quilty Gal (one of the Snobs and Slobs ) has made this lovely quilt top - using only what she had in her stash! Well done Claire, lovely quilt.

Well I am about to move from the computer desk to the sewing table to complete some tops, so see you all later.

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Del Soden said...

thanks for commenting on my blog.
This is the only way I could figure out to contact you. In reply. I left the following as a comment in answer to your comment but I don't know that you would see it. So I did it this way.

I believe it is now called Sylvia Park School.
We lived on the Mt Wellington Hwy (285) just about opposite where Hungry Jacks is now. My dad was very active on the PTA at the school until he was killed in 1963.
We moved to Birkdale about a year after that.

Fancy us both going to the same primary school. Small world eh?
When I was there it was the largest population primary school in NZ. There was over 600 students at it. It was quite common to have 48+ pupils in a class. A lot of people find this hard to believe in this day and age when teachers complain of 'big' classes of 30 pupils.
There used to be bus loads of kids bought down from Otara as they had built a suburb there for all the migrants that flooded into NZ in the late 50's and early 60's there but hadn't built a school or shops or anything else come to that.
I can remember watching the suburb on the hill behind the school being built. There used to be a chicken farm and a piggery along that ridge here and an old scottish bloke who played the bagpipes at dusk every night.
There was a lot of land attached to the school between the buildings and that suburb that was turned into playing fields for us. It had been an old quarry. There was always rocks and glass coming to the surface so we had to do a 'pick-up' before each game of football.
We had a lot of prefab buildings along the fence line behind the standards building and later two were put on the grass beside the tennis courts behind the primary buildings.
It was a good school and we had quite a few great teachers.