Saturday, September 11, 2010

...and even more rain!!

I just found out today that 'they' ( the weather people) say it is going to be raining right up till Christmas!!! Might just have to go overseas till then :)
Talking of is Quilty Gal and Quilty Man awaiting their departure from Adelaide to go on a journey that will take them far, far away to the land of Daffodils and Leeks!Also travelling with the pair is Quilty Child (well, cant really call her a child anymore saying she is almost 21 !!!)As we left the airport even more rain came down, but we plundered on and went to see some friends who have a brand new baby - let me introduce you to Maya - soooo cute (I tried to smuggle her under my jacket but I was caught out )
She is only 3 1/2 weeks old here but is very alert and quite a strong little girl.
Then it was back out into the rain again - nearly got lost in the council strip as it was so sodden with water. Oh well, lets hope this means no water restrictions this summer!!!

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