Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh my goodness....

......rain, rain and yet more rain!!! I know we need it but.....enough is enough!!! Anyway, onward and upward as they say!
Since my last post I have not done a lot - due to the fact that I managed to spear tackle myself in our lounge and ended up with some fractured ribs :((( rather sore unfortunately!
A lovely lady brought me some flowers to cheer me up - really nice thing to do saying I had only met her the week before!!
However, I have managed to get to the Snobs and Slobs bi-weekly meeting (only wild horses keeps us away). This lovely quilt was completed by Lorraine - unfortunately the picture doesn't do the quilt a lot of justice - the colours are quite stunning in real life.As you all might know, we had our miniature festival last month - one of the items I bought was some little shoe boxes and shoes - I had to make them up and was quite pleased with the end product. Now just have to think where they will go!Some friends had their first baby last month - a beautiful little girl called Maya. This was the little quilt that went her way to keep her warm in this awful cold winter.The back was a bit different than the front - and quite different for me to do! (colour wise that is)
SW and I were invited to a friends 50th Birthday Party also last month (quite busy really when you look at what we did in August and here I was thinking it had not been much at all!!)
So here is Louise on the right and Debbie (the hostess on the left)
As you can see the theme was Western - cowboys etc. The cake was a wonderful effort and was a banjo.SW and the host, Neville. Looking really happy don't you think???

Speaking of cakes.....this delightful piece was done by Debbie's daughter as a trial type cake. How cute is it????Last month, Norma from the Thursday craft group, finished a little quilt she started a few months ago. Once again, a job well done Norma!!The Snobs and Slobs do a quilt for whoevers child in the group turns 21. This month it is Quilty Gals daughter, Kayla who turns the key of life. So in our group tradition, we made her a quilt! (How about that then??? LOL) I think you can tell by her face that she likes it!
Tomorrow SW and I are off to the airport to wave a short goodbye to Quilty Gal and co - as they are off to the UK. Hopefully the wind and rain will hold off for a short while till they get in the air and settled in to the flight!

Well folks, it is still blowing a gale and raining I might go and make a hot chocolate and plant myself in front of the fire for the rest of the night!!

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