Monday, September 26, 2011

A relaxing day....

...but lots of walking for us all. We took a trip to Wallington Hall. Lovely place to walk around. Couldn't decide if I liked the house or the gardens better!Here is the Bumble Bee Stroker at it again!
One of the rooms in the house is full of miniature houses (could be one of the reasons we went there?)
And of course lots of tapestries and cross stitch that was very old was on view too.
Next day was a disaster in the morning --- we toddled off to Holy Island, only to get there to find out it wasn't open till 12pm (yes, we had looked on the web to find out the tide times and opening times but no mention of the opening times on this day). So we trotted back to the village, thinking we would look at the Priory and the Church...guess what? They are owned by English Heritage and they wanted a fee to see each of these things - Holy Island is National Heritage so that would of been another fee. So we said sod off and waited for the bus to take us out to the Castle but that was another fee and we would of had to stand!!!! So we went back to the car - where we had another fee for parking - and headed off to Bamburgh Castle instead!!!!
This is the view of the Farne Islands from Bamburgh Castle. It is not owned by National or English Heritage and apparently never will be.
The gun handle below belongs to an old musket from the 1700's and is inlaid with mother of pearl and is just exquisite.
The curtain was enormous - couldn't get the whole lot in the pic. The pieces are no bigger than half a centimetre and seem to be some sort of felt.
I would say this was the under garment for chain mail - as it is hanging in the armoury room. It is a quilted tunic - very worn to say the least.
Went to visit one of our friends and her new cat Lilly. She is very small and cute !!!Dad and Dave in the bandstand at the local park. This dates back over 110 years.
We took a trip to Birmingham NEC at the weekend. Got a great deal at the hotel. This is the front entrance. Tried talking the concierge into letting me have the light fitting and carpet but he said it wouldn't fit in my bag :(
Sunday was Miniatura!!!!!
Didn't take many pics to put on here of the show, but this one was well and truly worth the share. It is handmade by and English chap. Didn't buy one - didn't have enough money!
This lovely chap was not for sale so was allowed to take a pic~!
Well, off to do the washing now....

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quiltygal said...

Sounds like you are having a great time ......not long now till you are home ..:)