Saturday, September 17, 2011

A stop at last!

Thursday we were off for the day to a place called Beamish. We have been there before 5 years ago, but it was nice to go again and see some changes and new things. If you go to the link you can read all about it and probably take a longer tour than is on here. One of the shops is a drapers and clothing shop. These old shoes are a wonderful collection of what the women wore in days of old.In the drapery there is a section for quilters (funny about that) so thought you would like to see what they had available and the cost.
In the Masons Lodge, young Sam was sitting patch working ready to show her piece on Saturday (I think she might have to stay up all night to get it finished though!)
I was chatting to this lovely lady in the stationers, this is her piece for the quilting section on Saturday. It is made out of silk - so I think she must of been a rather well to do lady of the time!
Of course there was the obligatory miniature house on display for us to see. It didn't have a date on it but I think it is quite old.
There was an agricultural display at Beamish with the Flower and Veg section. Would love to be able to grow carrots this big!
David managed to stroke this cute little ferret called Damson - but only the bottom half - no where near the teeth!Adam from the Gordon Highlanders was on hand to encourage young people to join the ranks - however couldn't get him to throw his kilt up! LOLThis is Inn Washi age 2. She is a Stellas Sea Eagle - they often eat seals so that might give you an idea of her size.
Quilters hard at it! The girl on the right had only been a quilter for 20 minutes at this stage!!! LOL You have to start somewhere don't you?
This delightful cross stitch was done in 1842 by a 14 year old girl! It has been restored and preserved wonderfully. Can you imagine many 14 year olds today doing this sort of work???
One of the nice little houses in the village near where we are staying - I think hubby feels a new miniature house in the planning.

We caught up with some friends last night -Derek, Dorothy and David last night at the pub.
Myself and Lisa at the pub.
Now for a relax for the rest of the morning before we head out to visit cousins!


Lori E said...

What a busy day that was. So many talented artists out there.

Mad about Craft said...

I love Beamish, I've been several times, the last time being in 2007.