Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where did last week go?...

...oh yes! I remember....most of it was at Carrickalinga! LOL Fab time had by all. A very much needed R&R was definitely the order of the four days we spent down there. The weather was fab and then awful and then fab again. The shopping was kept to a strict minimum...????dum de do!

First night there was just right temperature wise and the sky was rather nice and clear.We settled in for the night...Lorraine was very busy working on her star quilt while Lynne was whittling the fingers away on a stitchery.Glenice had done some knitting so was rather occupied with her stuffing, while Claire looked on bemusedly!Sunset the second night was just beautiful.Just to prove that we ate good healthy food for the weekend - this was the lunch serving!More knitting....Oh! forgot to tell you that Lynne brought her portable wide screen TV phone to ring home on! LOL...some reading (or perving maybe eg centrefold???) was done...Lorraine made a good effort - she cut and sewed this lovely little Log Cabin topper - its not Christmas fabric but we all decided it could well be a nice table piece for that time of the year.Claire had nearly completed her Gail Pan Berries & Bluebirds quilt top - looking lovely!Almost finished! Lorraine completed (or so she thought) her Star Quilt, but once she had the binding on we all decided (as we do!) that she needed to echo her cable on the border. Good effort to Lorraine and what a gorgeous quilt!I will leave you on this post with the last sunset we saw for the weekend - just cant beat the colours that are natural can you?

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Lorraine said...

Looks like a great way to spend a four day weekend!