Sunday, October 30, 2011

And finally....

...the jet lag has subsided!!! Thank goodness say I!!! Back to the grind of normal life now...quilting...stitching...friends...chocolate...(giving that one up tho :( )

Tis nearly time for the bi-annual Slobs & Snobs weekend away. However, this time there will only be one partial Snob and 4 Slobs as part of the clan are unable to get away for the weekend - they will be missed - never the same when the group are not together as it should be!

And I will leave you with the thought ---- there are less than 60 days to Christmas!!! LOL

1 comment:

Shay said...

Welcome back to real life ! I head back to work this morning after almost two weeks off (ugh!)

There CANT be less than 60 days left until Christmas.Really? I better get a move on then!