Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live, laugh, love....

...and we did all of that this weekend!!  Yes, it was the bi-annual trip to Carrickalinga for us Snobs & Slobs once again.  Unfortunately, not all attended this weekend due to various circumstances...and all weekend we kept waiting for the others to come upstairs from the toilet! LOL

Never the less....we managed to open our purses in a couple of the fabric/quilt shops on the way (and even on the way back too!) (Haven't got a pic of all our purchases - which is probably a good thing really!)  

We stopped at a wonderful shop in Unley for morning tea/lunch (Lorraine's worms were playing up again) that only sells Gluten Free food!!! Seventh heaven for myself and Claire.  Here they are waiting to be fed :)
Then it was off and going to the destination of our home away from home for 3 nights and days.  We were rather quick to get the PJ's on.
And started off with Show Off and Tell.  Lorraine was first with her Farmers Wife quilt.
So we all then went off into a huff and hid for the afternoon.  As the weekend progressed, so did the projects.  Lorraine got this quilt top almost finished - made from a jelly roll.
She also got this lovely little Christmas quilt top done - made from a charm pack.
Kay did a good job on her Drunkards Path Quilt.
Claire was well away with one of her new patterns from Gale Pan Designs.
Kay also managed to put together a delightful scrap quilt.  Here we all are having a feel with out toes :)
My effort for the most part was annoying everyone with my stupidity and taking nice pictures - some of which are to follow.  Besides that I did manage to get the next project for Thursday craft almost finished.  It is a Christmas crazy patch waistcoat (or for some, a cushion cover)
The usual array of food was on hand for consumption.
The following pics are the ones which I will probably get smacked for putting up here - but you get that! (I have a new camera and it does some funny stuff as you take the pics! so why not use it I say??)
Claire was feeling a bit snotty by this stage....
And so ends another trip :( Oh well back to the grindstone so we can all come again in another six months!


Shay said...

Looks like masses of fun and frivolity occured.

That last pic of Claire just cracked me up!

Kris said...

I'm with Shay on that pic of Claire! I think it is so funny because it looks so little like her!

If the point of this post was to induce feelings of jealousy, tick the box. It looks like you all had an excellent time! I love the amount you all got done too! And the pj's.

Leanne said...

Looks like you all had a great weekend. It was great to see you all on Saturday morning.

quiltygal said...

So Kris thinks the pic looks like me !!! must wipe my nose more often !!! lol great weekend xxxx