Monday, February 18, 2013

Hot, hot, hot! what it has been here in South Australia for the past few weeks :) Not that I am complaining about the heat, its the humidity that we have been having that I don't like at all :(  

Now then, whats been happening since the last post?  Well...I can now show you what I got for Valentines ! :) A new car!!!! Woohooo - its a Hyundai Accent (and despite the colouring on this pic, taken as the sun is going down, it is white) Tis a bit smaller than my last car and will be more eco friendly with the amount of fuel used = more money to spend on fabric and quilt trips!!! Yeh!!!!!!!!
And what else? Well, my dad is slowly getting better but needs to get some weight on his skeleton so have been trying to feed him up a bit.  Catching up with my quilting and keeping the house tidy.  You know, the usual mundane things that crop up in life that keep you from doing what you really love to do???  

We had our usual get together with the quilting girls.  We have morphed yet again and are now the 'Friday Fabriholics' - what do you think?  Describes us all to a T I think!

Lynne has been busy for a while making these lovely little cat face blocks - think she is nearly there with them
Lorraine went overseas at the end of last year and brought back some FABULOUS fabrics in delicious colours - and being her (middle name is Val by the way) has been very busy putting this scrummy looking disappearing nine patch together.  The pic does the top no justice as the fabrics are a blend of silkies and other textures with goldie bits on them.  Looks good enough to eat though.
Saturday was then the Farmers Wife get together - not than any of us are doing the Farmers Wife when we get together mind you! 
Claire has put this lovely little quilt together for a friends baby shower - it has minky on the back and feels divine.
 Kay made this colourful one for a friends son interstate - certainly should brighten the little boy up :)
Granny Loz had also been overseas at the end of last year and was able to bring a gift back for Shay from a friend of hers in the USA.  So here is me taking a pic of Shay taking a pic of her gift! LOL
And guess what part of the gift was??? A type of Oreo we don't get here in Oz!  Was she happy do you think???
And then there was this cute little wooden spool.....
 ...that had this lovely message on the inside of the fabric that was wrapped around it!
Unfortunately my camera died at this point....sobs loudly!  Loz had brought her antique quilts along for show and tell - you will have to go to her web or Quilty Gals for a look at what happened next!  Tara also brought some show and tell, her Mrs Billings top, she is nearly finished! woohoo for her.  Apparently she started in January on 2012, so that's not bad cos she has been busy doing other things in the middle of that too. 

So because I don't have any more pics to share with you all, I will sign off for now!  Stay cool or warm, wherever you are in the world, and stay safe!


Shay said...

Great pics (especially of me - thanks for not getting my double chin or really fat bingo wings - you can take pics of me anytime.

I must have missed the convo about your new car on Saturday . She’s a beauty!

Unknown said...

Great pics and nice present of valentines =]
Enjoy your new rides!

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