Friday, June 27, 2008

.....and the winner is!!!!!!

Tonight we (Quilty Gal and I) went to the local Spotlight store for their "end of bolt" sale. Met up with a few pple including Quilty Gals sister - "What you getting that for" - bought a couple of bolts between us which was an absolute bargain - almost 10 metres each for only $20!!! Great for backing quilts. I also bought some yellow felt.

Our "loot" was purchased and put into a calico Spotlight bag which had a few goodies in it. A fat quarter, silk embroidery reel, $10 gift voucher if you spend $50 next week and 2 metres of interfacing - not bad!!

The Spotlight store had a quilt competition and this lady - Derani - won 1st prize!! which was the trolley loaded with goodies. She was so thrilled I think - it has taken her 17 years to complete the quilt. Congrats :0) The pic to the left is a picture of the quilt, some of us were told pics would be ok and some brought quilts - really hard for the judge I think!!

Then there was a slight mix up and I won a voucher for $200 for "my" quilt. I took 2 along and asked which one had won me the voucher....I had held up one of Quilty Gals quilts :)))) and of course the judge had thought it to be mine LOL!!! So here is a pic of the judge and Quilty Gal with the beautiful Bears Paw Quilt that was made a little while ago. She won for the preciseness of the points and the exquisite hand quilting and the fact it is a beautiful quilt - so WELL DONE GAL!!!


quiltygal said...

Awww shucks..... still laughing about it & her embarassment at the mistake!! will be up late with your half of the prize I'll be at Spotlight at 9... have the kettle on at about 10 ta!!

Kris said...

What a great night! I completely forgot about the whole spotlight thing!

Brenda said...

Sounds like it was a fun time out. Sharing time with friends makes everything more special.

Lorraine said...

indeed well done Quilty Gal.....can't believe you could win with a photo of the quilt....!! wow....that would have been hard for the judges....not quite the same as seeing it "in the flesh" to speak...sounds like you had a good night....

Dawn said...

Congratulations to 'Quilty Gal' for winning the prize at Spotlight. Good on you both for going glad you could find some bargains
Hugs to you
Dawn x x