Sunday, November 8, 2009

Before any one says I should get a life.....

...I do have one!!! In between visits to various medical facilities I do manage to get some work done, even though some might say "is that really work?" To prove it, here is my little bucket of Inchie Ornaments ready to be put together :)I must say that I have really enjoyed doing these little "quilts" and look forward to sending them to the appropriate recipients!!!
I also managed to finish of a few UFO's this week. This is "My Renaissance" by Michelle Hill. I hand appliqued all the pieces on with lovely matching rayon threads. Thanks Michelle for another lovely pattern to make up!These two quilts were started some time ago, but finally got quilted and bound!

This week I also received another birthday present! Aren't I the lucky one??? They are a pair of stones painted in 3d of cats - the pictures don't do them much justice. They fit beautifully in with all my other cat things - thank you Bev and Cliff (aka my adopted parents!) Today some of the Snobs and Slobs and one ring-in went to the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Show. I would like to say thanks to all the people who had a quilt on display - it was a good show and I feel rather inspired for another year!!! I believe if you go to the following link you will be able to view some of the quilts on show.
However, I can show you what I bought today....was rather restrained this year (mainly cos the Snobs and Slobs are off on our bi-annual trip to the coast in two weeks so am saving some spending for then!) I was quite happy with my purchases, and of course there had to be something to do with cats there....hopefully I wont take too long to make up the fabric with them on - cos its Christmas stuff!!!!I thought it might be nice to let you see what is growing in my garden at the moment (yes!!! growing!!!) (not a green thumb!!!)This is my fernery and I am very pleased with how it is coming along - lovely to look out on from my stitching room too.The yellow rose is a beautiful one - dont ask me the name of it cos I dont know - and my pot of naked ladies has made a great show this year. So I have to enjoy them the best I can before the heat gets too much and they start wilting.

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Andrea said...

Wow - what a lovely picturey post. I love your storm at sea quilt but what I really enjoyed seeing is the little cat quilts on your sofa - brilliant xx